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Kirby - King of Comics - cover

Kirby - King of Comics

Mark Evanier

Publisher: ABRAMS Comic Arts

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Filled with stunning artwork, this biography of comics pioneer Jack Kirby by an artist who worked closely with him is “a treasure” (The Cleveland Plain Dealer). 
“As a teenager, future television and comics writer [Mark] Evanier became an assistant to Jack Kirby, one of the foremost artists in the history of American comics. Kirby played a major role in shaping the superhero genre, not only through his innovative, dynamic artwork but through collaborating with Stan Lee to create classic Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four, the Hulk and the X-Men. Evanier has now written this magnificently illustrated biography of his mentor. Rather than employing the academic prose that one might expect from an art book, Evanier, a talented raconteur, tells Kirby’s life story in an informal, entertaining manner . . . he brings Kirby’s personality vividly alive: a child of the Great Depression, a creative visionary who struggled most of his life to support his family. The book recounts how Kirby was insufficiently appreciated by clueless corporate executives and close-minded comics professionals. But the stunning artwork in this book, taken from private collections, makes the case for Kirby’s genius. A landmark work, this is essential reading for comics fans and those who want to better understand the history of the comics medium—or those who just want to enjoy Kirby’s incredible artwork.” —Publishers Weekly 
Includes an introduction by Neil Gaiman
Available since: 08/01/2017.
Print length: 534 pages.

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    American Entrepreneur - How 400...

    Willie Robertson, William Doyle

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    America is the ultimate start-up venture—and these are the heroes who made it happen. 
    The history of the United States is, to a remarkable degree, the story of its entrepreneurs, those daring movers and shakers who dreamed big and risked everything to build better lives for themselves, and their fellow Americans. In American Entrepreneur, Duck Commander CEO and star of the blockbuster Duck Dynasty series Willie tells the captivating true tale of the visionaries and doers who have embodied the American Dream. 
    We begin with the first American entrepreneurs, the Native Americans, who established a highly sophisticated commercial network across the land in the precolonial days. The original Founding Father, George Washington, was also a founding entrepreneur, at the head of a thriving agri-business venture that gave him the executive skills to steer the nation through the darkest hours of the revolution. Then, of course, there were the Mega-entrepreneurs, legendary figures like Astor, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and Rockefeller, who transformed America, connected the country with miles of railroad track and supplied the fuel and steel that would help make this country the most powerful nation on earth. And in recent years, business visionaries from Jobs to Gates to Zuckerberg, not to mention the thousands of equally vital, yet smaller-scale, operators that spring up every year, have ushered America into the 21st century. 
    American Entrepreneur also relates the story of the Robertson family business, telling how Willie's family turned a humble regional duck call manufacturer, founded by his father Phil, into an international powerhouse brand. From a young age, Willie had the entrepreneurial bug, buying candy in bulk and hawking it on the school bus. He did special orders, offered revolving credit plans, and earned a small fortune for a ten-year-old—until he was hauled into the principal’s office and told to knock it off. So he transferred his focus to Phil’s fledgling business, helping in whatever way he could: folding endless numbers of cardboard boxes, cutting up roadkill to use as bait, and acting as the company’s customer service department—though he still wasn't out of grade school. Willie helped build Duck Commander, which he now runs, into a worldwide brand, culminating in the mega-success of the Duck Dynasty television show. 
    American Entrepreneur tells a most American tale, of those among us who through their vision, ingenuity, and good old-fashioned hard work, made something that changed the world.
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  • Falling Uphill - One man’s quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle - cover

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    Scott Stoll

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    ** New 10th Anniversary Edition of the best-selling travel memoir.  
    ** Relive Falling Uphill with a new afterword that paints the journey in a new light that only time can tell. Plus new chapters, e-book with color pictures, and much more! **  
    ** Finalist in the 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Memoir Category, specifically for Personal Struggle.**  
    ** Bonus content online.**  
    If you could do anything, what would you do? Falling Uphill is the story of one man's quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle. 
    In one week, Scott Stoll lost his job, his best friend, his girlfriend and his confidence. Disillusioned with society, full of angst, suffering from depression and with nothing left to lose Stoll asked himself a question: "If I only have one life, one chance, if I could do anything, what would I do?"  
    His answer resulted in a 4-year and 25,752-mile odyssey around the world by bicycle using nothing more than a paper map as a guide. Stoll searched for answers to the great mysteries of life, vowing to find happiness or die trying. The quest wasn't easy. He was imprisoned, held hostage, mugged, run over, suspected of terrorism, accused of espionage, nearly trampled by elephants, wounded, diseased, heartbroken—he nearly died a dozen times. But more importantly, Stoll discovered the wonders of the world, kindness among strangers, the meaning of life, peace, love, faith and—Yes!—in the last place left to look, he found happiness.  
    Re-live and re-imagine an archetypal adventure as a man stumbles through moments of pure survival and moments of pure enlightenment. 
    "Stoll... is at once charming, innocent, fearless, and wise in his search for the world and himself. What does he find? Joy, tranquility, no end of personal challenges, and a whole lot more." ~ Larry Habegger, Executive Editor, Travelers’ Tales
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    Manipulation - Forbidden...

    Alfred Borden

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    Dark psychology is becoming more and more utilized by people who like to control other people’s actions. They do so to get the things they desire. Hence, the know-how of mental manipulation methods is needed to survive in your everyday life. 
    Luckily, this guide will help you to find manipulators and conquer them at their game, it will teach you to read people and defend yourself psychologically, because you deserve to improve your life. 
    By listening this audiobook you will understand how meditation can change your life, you will learn the obscure mental manipulation methods and ways to interpret subtle signs and gestures to assess other people. This manuscript will also explain to you how to act in any work or social situation. 
    Here’s a quick peek of what you will find inside this book:How to improve the quality of your lifeThe framework of dark psychology        Covert emotional manipulation (cases)How to recognize if someone manipulating mePersuasion and manipulation methodsEverything that makes you vulnerable: how to protect yourselfHow to read anyone 
    And so much more! 
    This audiobook will provide you with a lot of useful information and exercises to make lasting and real change in yourself and to ensure you will never be harmed ever again.
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  • Sparta's Kings - cover

    Sparta's Kings

    John Carr

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    In ancient Greece, Sparta was unique in having a dual kingship  two kings from different clans, the Agiads and the Eurypontids, reigning simultaneously.  The institution was already well-developed by the 8th century BC, when Theopompos of the Eurypontid clan emerges as the first recorded Spartan king. At least fifty-seven men held office as Spartan king between Theopompos and the Agiad Kleomenes III who died in 222 BC.  For almost all this period the Spartan kingship was primarily a military office, and thus the kings embody much of the military history of Sparta.  Wherever Spartas main battles took place, there the kings were.  Naturally, the character of the particular king would often determine the outcome of a battle or campaign.  Leonidas I at Thermopylai was one example.  At the other end of the scale the young and unwar-like Pleistoanax twice declined an encounter with the Athenians when sent against that city.John Carr offers a chronological account of the kings and their accomplishments (or lack thereof), from the founding Herakleidai clan to Kleomenes III and his successor, the dictator Nabis, and the Roman conquest in the middle of the 2nd century BC.  The book is not intended to be a complete history of Sparta.  It will be a human interest and war story, focusing attention on the kings personal qualities as well as their (or their generals) military accomplishments and, where applicable, their politics as well.
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  • Platinum Doll - A Novel - cover

    Platinum Doll - A Novel

    Anne Girard

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    A fictionalized portrait of Golden Age–Hollywood’s original blonde bombshell, the ambitious star who battled real-life drama as she lit up the screen. 
    It’s the Roaring Twenties and seventeen-year-old Harlean Carpenter McGrew has run off to Beverly Hills. She’s chasing a dream—to escape her small, Midwestern life and see her name in lights. 
    In California, Harlean has everything a girl could want—a rich husband, glamorous parties, socialite friends—except an outlet for her talent. But everything changes when a dare pushes her to embrace her true ambition—to be an actress on the silver screen. With her timeless beauty and striking shade of platinum-blond hair, Harlean becomes Jean Harlow. And as she’s thrust into the limelight, Jean learns that this new world of opportunity comes with its own set of burdens. Torn between her family and her passion to perform, Jean is forced to confront the difficult truth—that fame comes at a price, if only she’s willing to pay it . . .  
    Amid a glittering cast of ingenues and Hollywood titans—Clara Bow, Clark Gable, Laurel and Hardy, Howard Hughes—Platinum Doll introduces us to the star who would shine brighter than them all. 
    Praise for Platinum Doll 
    “A fascinating, page-turning, behind-the-scenes look at what it took to be a celebrity in early Hollywood.” —Lynn Cullen, bestselling author of Mrs. Poe and Twain’s End 
    “[Girard] brings Harlow to life.” —The Globe and Mail 
    “An engrossing look at a Hollywood icon. I couldn’t put it down.” —Karleen Koen, New York Times–bestselling author of Through a Glass Darkly 
    “Jean’s is a moving story of love and hard choices, and she leaps off these pages shining as bright as her signature platinum hair.” —Marci Jefferson, author of Girl on the Golden Coin and Enchantress of Paris 
    “Will entrance readers as Harlow entranced the world.” —Heather Webb, author of Rodin’s Lover 
    “A gem of a book.” —The Historical Novel Society
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  • Gaspipe - Confessions of a Mafia Boss - cover

    Gaspipe - Confessions of a Mafia...

    Philip Carlo

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    Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, the boss of New York's Lucchese crime family, was a Mafia superstar, responsible for more than fifty murders. Currently serving thirteen life sentences at a federal prison in Colorado, Casso has given journalist and New York Times bestselling author Philip Carlo the most intimate, personal look into the world of La Cosa Nostra ever seen. By pure happenstance, Casso had lived next door to the family of young Philip Carlo, who was able to get into the mind, heart, and soul of one of the most cunning, ruthless mob bosses in the annals of crime history. In Gaspipe, Casso reveals the shocking details behind headline-making crimes and crime figures, such as:-The mob's decision that John Gotti had to be taken out after whacking Big Paul Castellano without approval-and how Casso got the order to hit Gotti-A fly-on-the-wall view of the Mafia commission sit-down at which John Gotti was made capo di tutti capi, the boss of all bosses-The insidious relationship between La Cosa Nostra and the Russian Mafia, and how the Lucchese family murdered the most-feared assassin in the Russian mob-Details of secret sit-downs with mob bosses Vincent "The Chin" Gigante and John Gotti, and the notorious Sammy "The Bull" Gravano-How Gravano made fools of the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI-The real story of the Mafia Cops and the revelations of other law enforcement personnel on Casso's payroll-How the Mafia managed to get a tight stranglehold on most unions in America-The truth behind the Mafia's real role in bringing huge amounts of narcotics into the United States-How federal prison officials were bought and sold by the Mafia-The intimate details of the women behind the Mafiosi-The truth behind the assassinations of JFK and RFK-Who killed Jimmy Hoffa, and where his body is-Why J. Edgar Hoover protected the MafiaChilling and illuminating, unvarnished and entertaining, Gaspipe is a roller-coaster ride into a world few outsiders have ever dared to enter.
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