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The Art of Advocacy in Singapore - cover

The Art of Advocacy in Singapore

Margaret Thomas, Constance Singam

Publisher: Ethos Books

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Advocacy is a tricky pursuit in Singapore. Your motives can be questioned, your activities monitored, and your scope for action limited.  Despite the constraints, civil society activists have persisted, finding ways to pursue their cause and to try to bring about the changes they believe important for Singapore. 
In 2013 a small group of civil society stalwarts set out to acknowledge the contributions of these unsung heroes. The Singapore Advocacy Awards was launched, a 3-year project that saw a total of 18 individuals and organisations being honoured. 
In this book, 37 activists, many of them winners of the Awards, write about their causes and discuss the strategies shaped and lessons learnt as they practise the delicate art of advocacy in Singapore. Reflecting the nature of civil society, there is a diversity of voices.  Some give a more personal account, while others describe the institutional experience of advocacy work. Some essays are short and sweet, others long and detailed. They appear ordered alphabetically by the cause.
Available since: 08/04/2022.
Print length: 356 pages.

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    Of Religion 
    Of the First and Second Natural Laws, and of Contracts 
    Of Other Laws of Nature 
    Of Persons, Authors, and Things Personated 
    Of Commonwealth 
    Of the Causes, Generation, and Definition of a Commonwealth 
    Of the Rights of Sovereigns by Institution 
    Of Dominion Paternal and Despotical 
    Of the Liberty of Subjects 
    Of Systems Subject Political and Private 
    Of the Public Ministers of Sovereign Power 
    Of Counsel 
    Of Civil Laws 
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    Master and Man – A story of capitalism, greed, and its dangers, set amongst the Russian countryside and a bitter battle for land. 
    How Much Land Does a Man Need? – A story focused on themes that Tolstoy continually returned to: greed, charity, life and death. 
    Alyosha the Pot – Alyosha falls in love with Ustinja, a young girl who cooks for the merchant's family. Eventually he asks Ustinja to marry him, but his father scolds him and tells him that marriage will come when and with whom the father chooses only for tragedy to soon strike. 
    Ivan the Fool – Though his brothers are easily tempted by money and military power, unsophisticated Ivan, with his simple way of life, becomes the true hero of the story.
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