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Winter In Oils - cover

Winter In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Publisher: Brainstorm Books

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Few things can compare to the texture, the look and the feel of an oil painting. Combined with the magnificence of the Winter season, this book is an unbelieveable  combination...Get it now!
Available since: 10/17/2019.

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    Laughs with Luigi

    Carl Amari

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    On this week's episodes, we have laughs courtesy of Life with Luigi, detective drama from Pat Novak for Hire, espionage on I Was a Communist for the F.B.I., and mystery with The Crime Club.A Falcon Picture Group audio production.
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    This week on H360, we'll laugh along with The Great Gildersleeve and The Burns and Allen Show. Plus, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Jeff Reagan Investigation, Dimension X and The Adventures of the Falcon.
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  • At the Back of the North Wind - cover

    At the Back of the North Wind

    George MacDonald

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    At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald
    libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. 
    Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!
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  • Cybersecurity For Beginners - How to Manage Risk Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - cover

    Cybersecurity For Beginners -...

    John Knowles

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    In this audiobook, you are going to learn what it takes to manage risk in your organization specifically risk that has to do with information with information systems, with data, and so on. You are going to learn about a wide variety of topics. You are going to learn about assets and what they are, what are the elements of risks, risk analysis, risk assessments, managing and monitoring risk and more. 
    You will learn: 
    •How to Understand Asset Value 
    •How to place Value on the Company’s Information Assets 
    •How to Classify Information Assets 
    •Information Asset and Risk Ownership 
    •Understanding Information Asset and Risk Ownership 
    •Assigning Information Asset Value 
    •How to Assign Value to our company’s Assets 
    •How to Determine Legal Requirements and Risk 
    •Understanding FISMA, NIST, HIPAA and PCI-DSS 
    •How to Describe Risk 
    •Risk Management Scenario 
    •Risk Scenarios 
    •Risk Assessments 
    •How to Reassess Risk 
    •Risk Assessments Scenario 
    •How to Implement Risk Response 
    •Risk Response Option Basics 
    •How to Analyse Cost & Benefit 
    •How to Prioritize Risk Response Options 
    •How to Respond to Risk 
    •Introduction to Control Types 
    •Control Function Basics 
    •Understanding Security Controls 
    •Control Standards Assessment, and Analysis 
    •Understanding Risk Factors and Risk Metrics 
    •How to Develop and Use KPIs 
    •How to Monitor Risk Factors 
    •Understanding Risk Indicators 
    •Reporting Compliance Basics 
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  • Too Much Trouble - A Very Oral History of Danko Jones - cover

    Too Much Trouble - A Very Oral...

    Stuart Berman

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    More than just a history of Danko Jones, this book is an exploration of the rigid politics that govern both underground and mainstream music and how a band can succeed without pandering to either. Danko Jones may be a straightforward rock band, but their story is anything but. They're a band that has roots in many different music communities — the North American indie rock scene, the Scandinavian garage rock scene, and the European metal scene — but belong to none of them. They've toured with both Blonde Redhead and Nickelback and can attract intense fandom in one part of the world while being rejected in their home country. Too Much Trouble follows a 15-year saga that goes from college radio DJ booths to corporate boardrooms and from dingy after-hours bars to the biggest festival stages in Europe. It's a must-have for fans of Danko Jones or anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes look at how both the mainstream and underground music industries work.
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  • Antoni Gaudí and artworks - cover

    Antoni Gaudí and artworks

    Victoria Charles

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    Spanish architect and designer, Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) was an important and influential figure in the history of contemporary Spanish art. His use of colour, application of a range of materials and the introduction of organic forms into his constructions were an innovation in the realm of architecture. In his journal, Gaudí freely expressed his own feelings on art, “the colours used in architecture have to be intense, logical and fertile.” His completed works (the Casa Batlló, 1905-1907 and the Casa Milà, 1905-1910) and his incomplete works (the restoration of the Poblet Monastery and the altarpiece of Alella in Barcelona) illustrate the importance of this philosophy. 
    His furniture designs were conceived with the same philosophy, as shown, for example, in his own office (1878) or the lamps in the Plaza Real in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia (1882-1926) was a monumental project which eventually took over his life (it was still incomplete at the time of his death).
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