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Victory Lap - Winning the Race To and Through Retirement - cover

Victory Lap - Winning the Race To and Through Retirement

Lindsey Cotter, Nathan Cox

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

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Will I outlive my money? Will my spouse be secure if I die? Will I be able to leave a legacy to my children?  If you’re in the Red Zone—those years between age 50 and retirement—these questions are almost certainly on your mind. But getting a straight answer to them is harder than it should be because the financial services industry is failing the people it’s intended to serve: People like you!  You’ve worked hard and taken risks to create the nest egg you’re counting on to support you in retirement. But how you manage that money going forward is even more important than it was before, because once you’re in the Red Zone you don’t have the same amount of time to make up those losses. How can you better avoid the pitfalls that can derail your retirement security? How can you try to lower your investment risk without sacrificing income and growth? How can you choose the best financial advisor for where you are in your financial life today? Victory Lap pulls back the curtain on how the industry is run, to help you understand what’s available to you, and to educate you so that, no matter who your advisor is, you know what questions to ask them to be sure they are serving your best interests—and not the other way around.
Available since: 05/21/2024.
Print length: 134 pages.

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    In the 21st century, IT governance has become a much-discussed topic among IT professionals. An IT governance framework serves to close the gap between the importance of IT and the understanding of IT, helping to improve your organisation's competitive position.
    ISO/IEC 38500 is the international standard for the corporate governance of information and communication technology. The purpose of the standard is to create a framework to ensure that the board is appropriately involved, and it sets out guiding principles for governing bodies on how to ensure the effective, efficient and acceptable use of IT within their company.
    This useful pocket guide is an ideal introduction for those wanting to understand more about ISO 38500. It describes the scope, application and objectives of the Standard and outlines its six core principles. It covers:
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    - The corporate governance context
    - Scope, application and objectives
    - Principles and model for good governance of it
    - Implementing the six IT governance principles
    - ISO/IEC 38500 and the IT steering committee
    - Project governance
    - Other IT governance standards and frameworks
    - Integrated frameworksImplement an IT governance framework to improve your organisation's competitive position. Buy this pocket guide today!
    About the author
    Alan Calder is a leading author on IT governance and information security issues. He is Group CEO of GRC International Group plc, the AIM-listed company that owns IT Governance Ltd. Alan is a frequent media commentator on IT governance and information security issues, and has contributed articles and expert comment to a wide range of trade, national and online news outlets.
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    Rent Where you Live and Own What you can Rent!Learn the 15 Most Valuable Lessons to Invest in Real EstateMost people think that investing in real estate is something only rich people can afford to do. After all, if purchasing the first house is so difficult, how can a "normal" individual even think about getting a second one? However, the truth is much different than what you have been telling yourself. It is actually possible to get started investing in real estate, even with a small capital and the returns can be amazing. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes beginners make is to do things by themselves, without knowing the right strategies and techniques. Especially in the real estate industry, it is fundamental to have access to the best information and to learn the rules of the game. This book explains the foundations of real estate investments, illustrating 15 of the most important lessons to learn to get started in the right way. During the course of this book, you will discover: What real estate investing actually is (not what you think) The right mindset to have to be successful in real estate investing The amount of capital necessary to get started 5 Common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them 15 Golden lessons from top real estate investors that will speed up the learning curve is important to note that the book does not offer "get rich quick solutions". Easy money does not exist, especially in the early stages. However, by studying the material provided and applying it diligently, it is possible to successfully get started in a matter of weeks. Let's Get Started!
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    End Money Worries! 
    Pennsylvania Tax Lien Deed Real Estate Audio Book 
    Find Finance & Buying Properties for Beginners 
    * Wholesale sources not only for real estate, but SUVs, Mobile Homes, Trucks, Computers and much much more! 
    * Detailed Pennsylvania statistics that reveal the best chance of success with Rental Property Investing 
    * 10 Reasons why Pennsylvania is a great place to be a real estate investor! 
     * the Top 10 Cities for Investing in Pennsylvania Real Estate at Wholesale Prices! 
     * the step by step Foreclosure Wholesaling Secrets to Making Massive Money 
    * a step by step blueprint to start your real estate investing business 
     * How to Get instant access to State & Nationwide Tax sale & Foreclosure Properties! 
     * How to sell your property fast! A House Flipping Blueprint for amazing success! 
      * 8 Quick & Easy Ways to Real Estate Financing with 4,000 sources for money! 
      * Best way to rehab your property  
      * How to Get Colossal Cash Crowdfunding 
     * the Secrets to a Goldmine of Government Grants! 
     * Have expert knowledge with Real estate terms and definitions 
     * Expert Tips on Property Management & the Best Software to use! 
    * Expert Asset Protection with Business Insurance 
    * Get A Master Blueprint For Getting & Managing the "Peace of Mind" Tenants 
    If you are ready to get started now & want to learn how to find & finance Property Fast! .... 
    If you want the ULTIMATE ALL IN 1 Real Estate Investing Book, Then this Audio Book is for you!!! 
      Buy Now! So Don't wait... You'll wait your life away...
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