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Magismondo #1: The Prisoner from Wolverfield - cover

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Magismondo #1: The Prisoner from Wolverfield

Lene Dybdahl

Translator Michael E. N. Larsen

Publisher: Tellerup

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In the world of Magismondo,
magical powers are rare and in high demand.
Shape shifters, thought whisperers, aromaticians,
water drivers, and fire makers are all treasured jewels
in the royal collections. That is, when they're found.

Arrow knows nothing of all this. She's just a 17-year-old girl,
who lives with her parents in a forest cabin near the village of
Beechwood far from the court of the kingdom of Wolverfield.

Nevertheless, Arrow already knows that the tiny spark
that will sometimes appear in the palm of her hand
has the power to flare up at the most inconvenient times.

One day, Arrow gets into a fight with her archenemy, Fenri,
and fails to suppress her anger and control her magical powers.
Soon, rumors of her unruly fire powers reach the royal palace
and force Arrow to flee The King's soldiers.

Her escape brings her to the capital city of Frostguard,
where street fights and public disorder are punishable by
deportation to the Golgutu prison camp beyond the sea.

Now, Arrow must learn to control her temper,
lest she be forced to spend the rest of her days
among Wolverfield's most hardened criminals.

Join Arrow on a grand adventure in Magismondo!
Available since: 05/15/2023.
Print length: 400 pages.

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