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From Vitamins to Baked Goods: Real Applications of Organic Chemistry - cover

From Vitamins to Baked Goods: Real Applications of Organic Chemistry

Kieran Gallagher, Lizhi Fan

Publisher: CK-12 Foundation

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This stand-alone textbook module intends to provide some motivation for studying organic chemistry. The topics touch briefly on some basic organic chemistry topics and focus on various organic compounds that readers would encounter in everyday life. For grades 9-12.

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Available since: 05/08/2012.

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    Biologist Sahtouris is optimistic about the future and points to biology saying, “Life gets creative in a time of crisis.” She explains how the survival of bacteria, which have been on the planet for over four billion years, has given us a model of how we may evolve into a mature species.  She’s co-author, with the late Willis Harman, of Biology Revisioned.
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    They grow vegetables and rear an ever-expanding coterie of animals: laying hens, a cock named Roger and pigs called Charlotte and Wilbur. And they don't hate Mondays anymore!
    This is an extremely humorous, thought provoking account of one couple's discovery that there is an alternative to the consumer driven lifestyle.
    As Michael Kelly describes the hilarious hazards of rural life as well as the advantages, he demonstrates how one brave decision can transform your life.
    A funny and inspiring account of the ups and downs of letting go of the Tiger.
    You can see Michael talking about the changes he has made to his life here (courtesy TV3):
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    Literary Theory for Robots reveals the hidden history of modern machine intelligence, taking listeners on a spellbinding journey from medieval Arabic philosophy to visions of a universal language, past Hollywood fiction factories, and missile defense systems trained on Russian folktales. In this provocative reflection on the shared pasts of literature and computer science, former Microsoft engineer and professor of comparative literature Dennis Yi Tenen provides crucial context for recent developments in AI, which holds important lessons for the future of humans living with smart technology.Intelligence expressed through technology should not be mistaken for a magical genie, capable of self-directed thought or action. Rather, in highly original and effervescent prose with a generous dose of wit, Yi Tenen asks us to read past the artifice—to better perceive the mechanics of collaborative work. Something as simple as a spell-checker or a grammar-correction tool, embedded in every word-processor, represents the culmination of a shared human effort, spanning centuries.With its masterful blend of history, technology, and philosophy, Yi Tenen's work ultimately urges us to view AI as a matter of labor history, celebrating the long-standing cooperation between authors and engineers.
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  • Touchpad Plus Ver 40 Class 8 - cover

    Touchpad Plus Ver 40 Class 8

    Nidhi Gupta

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    Computer Science Textbook with New Pedagogical Approaches 
    - National Education Policy 2020 
    - Tech Funda: This section provides a practical information or tip to the students. 
    - Clickipedia: This section provides interesting computer facts. 
    - Lab Session: This is a lab activity to develop practical skills. (Subject Enrichment) 
    - Explore More: This section contains supplement topics for add-on knowledge. 
    - QR Code: Scan the QR Code given on the first page of each chapter to start chapter animation. 
    - Mind Boggler: This section has puzzle or fun based activity to help understand the concepts better. 
    Computer technology has become essential and an integral part of life at work, in recreation, social networking and education too. With the constant development of new technology, it has become more significant in helping and preparing students for jobs. Computers have revolutionised the way education is imparted to children. 
    Touchpad Plus Version 4.0 is a complete computer science curriculum solution for grades 1-8. It is based on Windows 10 and MS Office 2019, with new and future-ready content. Fun is the most important element of learning. Keeping in mind the concept of Joyful Learning, varied activities have been designed based on multiple intelligences and 21st century skills for holistic development. 
    The books have a conversational style introduction of each chapter to make learning fun and engaging. The topics and their approaches are integrated in different themes as per ICT learning. Grade I and II books have four-line writing space to enhance writing skills in children. Each book is accompanied by digital learning resources that offer interesting animation and interactive tests for the student to supplement classroom learning with independent learning. 
    The books are curated in a way that they make students and teachers equal partners in the learning process and take learning beyond classroom. We welcome and look forward to all meaningful and valuable suggestions for improving the book 
    You will learn about: 
    - Digital World 
    - Cyber World 
    - Coding World 
    - Computational Thinking 
    - Artificial Intelligence 
    Grade 8 
    1. Computer Networking 
    2. Krita- Image Editing 
    3. Trending Technologies 
    4. Images, Links & Frames in HTML5 
    5. Forms in HTML5 
    6. Algorithmic Intelligence 
    7. Loops in Python 
    8. Functions and String in Python 
    9. List in Python 
    10. Domains of AI 
    11. Future of AI 
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