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Breakthroughs - Realizing Our Potentials Through Dynamic Tricky Mixes - cover

Breakthroughs - Realizing Our Potentials Through Dynamic Tricky Mixes

Keith Nelson

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

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Breakthroughs show readers the world of Tricky Mixes as key pathways to breakthrough advances--estimates of human potential may never be the same again. Dynamic Systems theories and research provide the backbone concepts for Breakthroughs. Yet, readers discover that new Dynamic Mixes reveal untapped human potential in everyday situations not just in rigorous scientific studies. Individuals, small groups, and large organizations often get "stuck" in their progress by failing to respect and explore the complex interacting factors impacting their situations.  Breakthroughs present countless examples which reveal that variants of the same dynamic processes underlie being stuck, versus progressing at modest rates, or advancing at turbo speeds. These examples and events are drawn from research with Keith E. Nelson’s colleagues plus many independent labs around the world, as well as from first-person episodes of many kinds and from many sources. New cross-domain explorations and new insights propel readers into much higher levels of creativity, innovation, rapid learning, social problem solving, curiosity, and life balance. The Dynamic Tricky Mix perspective in most contexts helps shake up and improve paths toward solutions. In times of crisis, as in the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes especially important to bring this kind of thinking to bear.
Available since: 12/07/2021.
Print length: 377 pages.

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    - Implement end-to-end solutions and address challenges encountered in practical scenarios.
    This book is for everyone with a basic understanding of programming and who wants to apply machine learning in computer vision using OpenCV and Python. Whether you're a student, researcher, or developer, this book will equip you with practical skills for machine learning projects. Some familiarity with Python and machine learning concepts is assumed. Beginners too will find this book valuable as it offers clear examples and explanations for every concept.
    Chapter 1: Getting Started With OpenCV 
    Chapter 2: Basic Image & Video Analytics in OpenCV
    Chapter 3: Image Processing 1 using OpenCV
    Chapter 4: Image Processing 2 using OpenCV
    Chapter 5: Thresholding and Contour Techniques Using OpenCV 
    Chapter 6: Detect Corners and Road Lane using OpenCV
    Chapter 7: Object And Motion Detection Using Opencv
    Chapter 8: Image Segmentation and Detecting Faces Using OpenCV
    Chapter 9: Introduction to Deep Learning with OpenCV
    Chapter 10: Advance Deep Learning Projects with OpenCV
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    Let's meet you in this book and don't forget to give your feedback if any so far. Thank you have  a happy periods
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  • Genomics - A Very Short Introduction - cover

    Genomics - A Very Short...

    John M. Archibald

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    Genomics has transformed the biological sciences. From epidemiology and medicine to evolution and forensics, the ability to determine an organism's complete genetic makeup has changed the way science is done and the questions that can be asked of it. Its most celebrated achievement was the Human Genome Project, a technologically challenging endeavor that took thousands of scientists around the world thirteen years and over three billion U.S. dollars to complete. 
    In this Very Short Introduction John Archibald explores the science of genomics and its rapidly expanding toolbox. Sequencing a human genome now takes only a few days and costs as little as $1,000. The genomes of simple bacteria and viruses can be sequenced in a matter of hours on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. The resulting sequences can be used to better understand our biology in health and disease and to "personalize" medicine. Archibald shows how the field of genomics is on the cusp of another quantum leap; the implications for science and society are profound.
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  • A Plague on Both our Houses - How Animal Exploitation is Driving Pandemics and What to Do Next - cover

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    Esther Ouwehand

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    Discover how Esther Ouwehand sets out how we can use political courage to prevent new pandemic threats.
    Do you find this interesting? For more, click on the Biography and Non-Fiction series accompanying this book.
    In this audiobook Esther Ouwehand sets out the root causes of the corona pandemic and provides solutions for preventing the rise of new pandemic threats. A highly topical debut work from the successful leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals.
    75% of all new infectious diseases currently threatening humanity come from the animal kingdom. This is caused by intensive factory farming and the global animal trade. The Netherlands is leading in this regard and is therefore a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases, but for years, traditional political parties have failed to take action. Esther Ouwehand explains how we can use political courage to prevent new pandemic threats from arising in the future worldwide. And with that also effectively fight the climate and biodiversity crisis.
    • Nature
    • Animals
    • Climate
    • Covid
    • Corona
    • Health
    • Livestock industry
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