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A Bet with Benefits - cover

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A Bet with Benefits

Karen Booth

Publisher: Harlequin Desire

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In this sexy romance, a woman bets her sisters that she won’t fall for her ex-lover again, then discovers a reunion with him might be the bigger win. 
Mindy Eden’s on-again, off-again affair with Sam Blackwell left her with regrets. So when her sisters bet her she can’t attend a wedding as her gorgeous ex-boyfriend’s plus-one without falling for him again, Mindy stakes her future to prove she’s over Sam. But once on his arm again, she’s feeling the same sizzling chemistry—and wondering if sharing his bed again is a gamble worth taking. . . .
Available since: 09/01/2019.
Print length: 148 pages.

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    "Hello?" I said. 
    "Where are you?" he asked. 
    He is not modest. He is not discrete. He is quite possessive ... Jean Paul. 
    Where are you? What are you doing over there? 
    He is not my husband, but sometimes he pretends to be my man. Not at all like you, John, you are my tolerant, open-minded, liberal spouse. 
    Jean Paul likes his women to obey him. 
    "I have lunch on the roof terrace, at Chez Paulette," I said. 
    "Jesus, lunch ... it's already after two o'clock." 
    "I'm free," I said. 
    He thought that was decadent. He found that restaurant too expensive. 
    Fortunately, I married you and not him, John. 
    He is more made to ... play with. 
    "There's a man peeking at me," I told Jean Paul. All of a sudden. 
    'What? Where?” he said. 
    "A man who sits opposite to me. He peeks between my legs. " 
    "Between your legs?" 
    'Yes! Or at my tits. Or at the lamp that hangs above my head, I don't know, he's wearing sunglasses. What do you men look at when you meet a woman? " 
    "Is your face in his direction?" Jean Paul asked. 
    "Yes, my face, my bosom, my legs, it's all on the same side with me." 
    I was kidding, but he wasn't smiling. 
    He was too excited, angry, jealous, and curious. His breathing changed. His voice became deeper, hoarse, unsteady. I bet his heart beat had gone up. I bet he had a boner. 
    Just like you have now, John. 
    "What are you wearing?" he asked. 
    "A white shirt with buttons ..." 
    "Below that?" he asked nervously. 
    "A skirt." 
    "Which skirt?" 
    "My denim skirt." 
    "Goddamn," he said. "Are you wearing panties?" 
    Silence on the other side of the line. 
    "Hello?" I said. 
    "Murielle ... Jesus … Fuck." he cursed. 
    "I am wearing panties," I said, "I was teasing you." 
    A new story in the Hotwife Monologue Series.
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