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Collective Intelligence - How to build a business that’s smarter than you - cover

Collective Intelligence - How to build a business that’s smarter than you

Jennifer Sundberg

Publisher: LID Publishing

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Businesses need to be smart to succeed, but it’s not enough to make yourself smarter as the leader or to fill the company with smart people. Businesses full of smart people (and led by them) make stupid decisions all the time. Instead, in today’s rapidly changing, uncertain world you need to design your business itself to be intelligent, to harness the collective abilities of its people by systematically addressing critical thinking, communication and focus. 
The real lesson from Amazon, Google and the like – that enables them to keep winning year after year – is that they do business intelligently. Business is complex, which is why it requires a deep, practical intelligence to survive, let alone thrive. This book shows why businesses that act smartest, and display an organizational capacity for critical thinking, underpinned with clear and effective communication, allowing them to develop razor-sharp focus, are the ones that really stand out and achieve sustained success.
Available since: 10/26/2023.

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    The advancement of business investigation as an expert control has developed the part and obligations of the business analyst (BA). Progressively, BAs are connected with an early point. They research thoughts and issues, detail choices for a path forward and create business cases setting out their decisions and suggestions. Therefore, the obligation regarding exhorting associations on successful game-plans lies with BAs, and their work goes before that of the venture director. 
    The early engagement of BAs likewise puts a basic obligation upon them – the need to guarantee that all business changes are in accordance with the mission, destinations, what's more, the methodology of the association. This business connection is the key establishment for understanding and assessing all thoughts, proposition, issues and matters put forward by administrators. While a couple of BAs are included in breaking down and creating a procedure, it is basic that they think about the methodology of their association so that they can lead their work with a perspective to support the execution of the procedure and the accomplishment of the business goals. 
    This book specifically discusses the topic of Business Analysis to help a BA have a complete understanding of this specific technique. Starting from the basics and moving towards a more complex part is what makes this book easy to comprehend. You will come across the following topics throughout this book: 
    Introduction to business analysis 
    What is a business analyst? 
    Business analysis helps business do well 
    Performing business analysis 
    The groundwork for business success- business analysis 
    8 steps leading to becoming an effective business analyst 
    The benefits of business analysis implementation 
    Analytical tools for business analysis 
    If you wish to become the top most and favorite analyst of your firm then you must have a good grasp of the topic "Business Analysis" in which case, this course is going to be quite helpful.
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    Paul Nathan, an expert on the gold standard, has written the definitive modern guide to returning to a gold standard that will work for global markets that are far different than those that existed in the 1970s when the U.S. moved off the gold standard. Written for beginning and professional readers, Nathan succinctly and clearly explains the nature of sound money, the causes and cures of inflation and deflation, the importance of fiscal responsibility within a sound monetary system, and the reasons for recessions and depressions. He then offers guidance on how we can lean toward a gold standard (that doesn't involve extremist positions of abolishing the Fed and the like) that will strengthen the dollar, reduce debt, and help stabilize the economy. Booms and busts can never be prevented but depressions and recessions can be avoided with a sustainable, stable monetary policy. Finally, Nathan presents strategies for investing in gold now and in the future. Readers will learn that the international run toward gold is not a fad but a world in monetary transition. Everyone needs to understand what this means for their investments and their spending and saving.
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    Book 2 of the Smart Skills series: practical guides to mastering vital business skills and techniques. Using proven strategies from business experts, these essential smart skills can empower anyone with the tools to get ahead.Everything you need to know about presenting- a must have for any employee, manager, freelancer or business owner 
    ​Despite being one of the most dreaded professional tasks, public speaking is an increasingly important skill to master: the ability to engage and connect can truly set you apart from the crowd in a competitive market. This easy-to-follow, succinct guide will provide you with effective tips and resources to help you with both the practical task of putting together a presentation and proven strategies for building up your confidence. This handy guide includes:Detailed advice on strategy, structure and formatHow to pinpoint and communicate your core messageExpert strategies for staying calm and collectedUnderstanding your audience's needsHow to show your passion and create a rapport with your audienceBest practice for using visual aids and speaker notes 
    Kay splits up the presenting process into three key stages: before the presentation, during the event, and afterwards. This easy method makes this Smart Skills guide a useful tool for anyone who has to present to an audience, even a complete beginner. 
    Notes from the author 
    Introduction: The opportunities - and the difficulties - of getting to your feet 
    Chapter One 
    Focusing on the task 
    Ideas and objectives 
    Strategy, structure and format 
    Chapter Two 
    Getting organised 
    Calming the nerves 
    Harnessing your secret weapons 
    Spacial awareness 
    Chapter Three 
    Putting your message together 
    Speaker’s notes 
    With a little help from your friends 
    Chapter Four 
    Confronting the audience 
    Gaining attention 
    Creating rapport 
    Chapter Five 
    Communicating your message 
    Gaining acceptance 
    In conclusion 
    Can you hear me at the back? 
    Chapter Six 
    Involving your listeners 
    Use of visual aids 
    Signs of revolt 
    Anything and everything 
    Chapter Seven 
    Question time and feedback 
    Handling questions and objections 
    In the chair 
    Presentation performance checklist
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    Lightweight, compact, distinctively styled, and now, electric: The Brompton isn't the only folding bicycle—or even the first. But everyone who has been on one will enthusiastically testify to its marvelous design (virtually unchanged over decades) and the particular joy of riding it.Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycles, has been at the company for twenty years. Initially, he worked as an engineer for Andrew Ritchie, the bike's brilliant inventor and the business's founder, before taking the helm in 2008. Butler-Adams's heartfelt mission is to grow and promote sustainable urban transportation and to improve city-dwellers' lives everywhere. Under his leadership, Brompton has grown from making a few hundred bikes a year to over 90,000, with revenue of $130 million. But progress hasn't always been easy: There have been boardroom struggles, supply-chain problems, and conflicts with founder Andrew Ritchie. In The Brompton, Butler-Adams brings to life what it means to grow a company to global scale. He also tells the stories of the people who make the Brompton and the people who ride it. And he explains how customers all around the world fell in love with a brand that never set out to be a brand.
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  • Decision Sprint - The New Way to Innovate into the Unknown and Move from Strategy to Action - cover

    Decision Sprint - The New Way to...

    Atif Rafiq

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    It's no secret that steering a business has become dramatically more complex and uncertain in our modern era. Constant exploration of new territory by teams is the name of the game. Yet most companies are stuck with yesterday's approach to problem solving.Having reached the highest levels of the Fortune 500, digital disrupter Atif Rafiq has written Decision Sprint to pull the curtain back on the hidden management systems within your organization that impact how people think, collaborate, and make decisions.Talent is vital to any company's advancement, but it's the collaboration and problem solving systems that separate industry leaders from the rest. Systems designed to embrace unknowns are the quickest, most enduring way to foster growth, continuous innovation, and results. Learn how teams begin with upstream work—the phase of a promising idea or initiative where the unknowns predominate—to problem-solve anything, thus unlocking downstream actions from alignment to decision making to execution. With Rafiq's guidance, you'll overtake your competitors by moving upstream, embracing workflows that convert unknowns to clear recommendations, alignment, and action. In addition, you'll receive advice from the CEOs/presidents of H&R Block, Volvo, Peacock, and Orange Theory Fitness, among others—and learn from in-depth case studies.
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    What do you know about statistics? Are you a business student? Are you a manager of some company? Do you want to be an Economist? If yes, this course if for you. Principles of Statistics are the basics of Economics. Most of the times, people find such course very boring and difficult. In fact, Statistic is really a boring thing. In this book, you will witness that the whole course is detailed in an easy to read and easy to understand way. While having a cup of tea, study it and get to know all about the principles of statistics. In simple words, it is a complete course that will help you in understanding the principles of statistics. What you’ll learn in this book: Basics of Statistics Population and Sample Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Variables Measures of Center Measures of Variation Standard Deviation Organization of Data What is Estimation? Hypothesis Testing Summarization of Bivariate Data Without think anymore, buy this book now!
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