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Patently Mathematical - Picking Partners Passwords and Careers by the Numbers - cover

Patently Mathematical - Picking Partners Passwords and Careers by the Numbers

Jeff Suzuki

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

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Fascinating facts and stories behind inventions based on mathematics—from search engines to streaming video to self-correcting golf balls.  
How do dating sites match compatible partners? What do cell phones and sea coasts have in common? And why do computer scientists keep ant colonies? Jeff Suzuki answers these questions and more in Patently Mathematical, which explores the mathematics behind some of the key inventions that have changed our world. 
In recent years, patents based on mathematics have been issued by the thousands—from search engines and image recognition technology to educational software and LEGO designs. Suzuki delves into the details of cutting-edge devices, programs, and products to show how even the simplest mathematical principles can be turned into patentable ideas worth billions of dollars. Discover: 
• whether secure credit cards are really secure 
• how improved data compression made streaming video services like Netflix a hit 
• the mathematics behind self-correcting golf balls 
• why Google is such an effective and popular search engine 
• how eHarmony and bring couples together, and much more 
Combining quirky historical anecdotes with relatable everyday examples, Suzuki makes math interesting for everyone who likes to ponder the world of numerical relationships. 
Praise for Jeff Suzuki’s Constitutional Calculus 
“An entertaining and insightful approach to the mathematics that underlies the American system of government.” —Mathematical Reviews 
“A breath of fresh air. . . . A reaffirmation that mathematics should be used more often to make general public policy.” —MAA Reviews
Available since: 12/14/2018.
Print length: 367 pages.

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    Whether you're a technology enthusiast, an investor, or a professional looking to expand your understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, this book offers the knowledge you need to navigate this dynamic field confidently. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Web 3.0 and revolutionize your approach to digital interaction and security!
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  • Trackpad iPro Ver 40 Class 4 - cover

    Trackpad iPro Ver 40 Class 4

    Team Orange

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    Computer Science Textbook Designed for Joyful Learning 
    - National Education Policy 2020 
    - Find on Google: This section asks a quick question from the present world. 
    - Pure Fact: This presents a 100% pure fact with a numerical data. 
    - Video Based Question: This is an interactive question to be attempted after watching a small video accessible on the QR Code. 
    - Coding Zone: This presents a quick insight into coding concepts. 
    - Career Here: This section indicates the possible career aspects on pursuing similar topics. 
    Computers have become an integral part of our education system. Computer Science is now not limited to just teaching definitions and commands. Instead, it helps the learners to understand and appreciate the varied uses of computers and its vast applications. 
    Trackpad iPRO (Ver. 4.0) series based on Windows 10 and MS Office 2019 is comprehensively designed as per the new ICSE syllabus. We believe computer education is a hands-on subject and too much of bookish knowledge can take away the pleasure of learning. All these points have been kept in mind while designing this book and to produce the content that is not only appealing but also challenging to the students. 
    The topics in the book have been hand picked after extensive research by a team of experts on the subject based on the utility, interest, skill, and basic and trending applications in the global market. We have designed the lessons in such a way that they can be well integrated with other subjects. Step by step approach will make it simple and easy for our students to grasp the concepts. Relevance of the topics was of prime importance throughout the compilation of the book. 
    Learning is done best when it’s fun-filled and activity-based. To ensure that the content intrigues the students at all times and keeps them interested throughout the course of the book, we have included interesting key features like Student Corner, Tech Funda, Clickipedia, Comp Caution, Reboot, One Touch Learn, Let’s Do It, Crack The Code, Hands-On, Fun In Lab, Teacher’s Corner, Worksheet, Test Sheet, Project, Speech Drill, Supplement Pages and Glossary. 
    These features will ensure better learning, assessment, and evaluation and enable children to take their knowledge beyond the classroom. 
    Sample questions of Orange Global Olympiad (Cyber) have been included to promote awareness about the national level competition. 
    We hope that the book contributes to the progressive development of computer aided education system and prepares our students for all upcoming challenges. We want the children to learn the concepts not only for the purpose of gaining knowledge but also to be able to find their applications. This will enable them to enrich the quality of their lives as well as others’. 
    You will learn about: 
    - Fundamentals of computers 
    - ICT Tools 
    - Computational Thinking 
    - Coding and Artificial Intelligence 
    - Tux Paint 
    - Touch Typing 
    Grade - 4 
    1. Computers—Storage and Memory Device 
    2. GUI Operating System—Desktop Management 
    3. Editing in Word 2019 
    4. Formatting in Word 2019 
    5. The Internet—Web Browser 
    6. Introduction to PowerPoint 2019 
    7. Stepwise Thinking 
    8. Features of File Management 
    Explore More (Managing Files and Folders) 
    The CT Corner! (Visual Processing) 
    The AI Corner! (History of Robots) 
    OGO Cyber Sample Questions 
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