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100 Plays to Save the World (NHB Modern Plays) - cover

100 Plays to Save the World (NHB Modern Plays)

Jeanie O'Hare, Elizabeth Freestone

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

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A guide to one hundred brilliant plays addressing the most urgent and important issue of our time: the climate crisis.
The plays – drawn from around the world, written by one hundred different writers, and demonstrating a vast span of styles, genres and cast sizes – all speak to an aspect of the climate emergency. Encompassing both famous plays and lesser-known works, the selection includes recent writing that explicitly wrestles with these issues, as well as classic texts in which these resonances now ring out clearly.
Each play is explored in a concise essay illuminating key themes, and highlighting its contribution to our understanding of climate issues, with sections including Resources, Energy, Migration, Responsibility, Fightback and Hope.
100 Plays to Save the World is a book to provoke as well as inspire – to start conversations, to inform debate, to challenge our thinking, and to be a launch pad for future productions. It is also an empowering resource for theatre directors, producers, teachers, youth leaders and writers looking for plays that speak to our present moment.
Above all, it is a call to arms, to step up, think big, and unleash theatre's power to imagine a better future into being.
The book includes a foreword by Daze Aghaji, a leading youth climate justice activist.
'This book is a kind of miracle, a thrilling compendium of plays that speak to the enormous environmental crisis of our time. Freestone and O'Hare have exquisite taste and brilliant analysis, illuminating plays I've never heard of, as well as plays I thought I knew. 100 Plays to Save the World should be required reading for everyone who believes in the power of theatre to move the world; I will certainly never plan a season again without referring to it.' Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, The Public Theater, New York
'This book is dynamite. Through lively play analysis and accessible environmental know-how, it will galvanise theatre-makers to step up and artists to be heard. Theatre must play its part in the climate fight and this book shows us how.' Kwame Kwei-Armah, Artistic Director, Young Vic Theatre, London
Available since: 12/02/2021.
Print length: 232 pages.

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    You’re my hope. You’re my hero. 
    You know all I am and what I can be. 
    Take this hard heart and make it like yours. 
    Holy Father, I need your heart. 
    You’re my heart. You’re my hero. 
    Let my life reflect your love. 
    Give me eyes to see past walls. 
    Give me ears to hear heart cries. 
    Give me hands that heal in your name. 
    O Holy Father, I want to be just like you. 
    You’re my Father. You’re my hero. 
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    Dear Holy Father, I want to be just like you. 
    You’re my light. You’re my hero. 
    You know all I am and what I will be. 
    Take this one soul and make it like yours.  
    Dear Dad, I want to be just like you. 
    This is the second inspirational Christian poetry collection. It’s preceded by Thin Black Road and followed by My Champion. The combination book, Made to Praise, contains all three collections.
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    With outstanding, never-before-published pieces of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from literary heavyweights and up-and-coming writers alike, Freeman’s: Family collects the most amusing, heartbreaking, and probing stories about family life emerging today.
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    Poetry. A form of words that seems so elegantly simple in one verse and so cleverly complex in another.  Each poet has a particular style, an individual and unique way with words and yet each of us seems to recognise the path and destination of where the verses lead, even if sometimes the full comprehension may be a little beyond us. 
    Through the centuries every culture has produced verse to symbolize and to describe everything from everyday life, natural wonders, the human condition and even in its more hubristic moments, the crushing triumph of an enemy. 
    In the volumes of this series we take a look through the prism of individual regions of the United States through the centuries and decades. 
    The United States may be many things: the world’s policeman, a bully, a shameless purveyor of mass market culture but it also, in its better moments, a standard bearer for truth, transparency, equality and the more positive qualities of democracy. 
    Little wonder that’s its poets are rightly acknowledged as wonders of their art.  Leading lights in the fight against slavery and for equality, even if the rest of the Nation is finding it problematic to catch up.   
    In this volume we have collected verse from poets born in the Mid-West. This huge and mythic landscape that stretches from Chicago and the Great Lakes to the deserts of Texas contains a wealth of poets that could summon theme and words to describe and reveal both nature and humanity in sprawling yet intimate detail.  Among their number are Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Vachel Lindsay, Alice Corbin and Ambrose Bierce, brilliant wordsmiths one and all.
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    “I am a punk and a Buddhist,And I'm not conflicted at all.“ Wisdom of the Punk Buddha is the perfect amalgamation of thoughtful poetry and the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime of Buddhist philosophy and knowledge and devotion to the punk scene. Built around a series of easy to digest life lessons. It’s a book that poses a simple question - “Do you want to be better person? Do you want to be better tomorrow than you were today?” If the answer is yes, then your journey to punk rock and personal enlightenment begins here... Tim Cundle, Mass Movement A mixture of very enjoyable punk poetry and Buddhist thought... designed to help you make sense of the world and your place in it. This book shows that a lot of punk rock thoughts and ideas can be found in Buddhism, if you look at it the way Sam Marsh does. Tony Whatley, Suspect Device Wisdom of the Punk Buddha teaches us about true punk rock ethos, principles of Buddhism, love, peace, unity, wisdom, and many other topics through a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully written poems. The author shares his thoughts, observations, and criticism but also takes time to explain some background too. Wisdom of the Punk Buddha is a must read for every bookworm punkrocker. Djordje Miladinovic, Thoughts Words Action Punks are really nice, but many people are scared of them. Punks definitely have an attitude, and this can be deemed intimidating if you don’t know how to read it. Even though punks are lovely, they are not afraid to vent their anger at the state of the world, and protest against all the terrible things that some people do. This is why punk music sounds so aggressive - it’s getting all that anger out.At the core of punk attitude is love - yearning for a better world where people can live in harmony and peace, free from suffering. It’s the same attitude that Buddhists have, and that’s why I’m a Punk Buddhist, and I’m not conflicted at all.
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