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Taken by Two Firefighters - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Firefighters - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Firefighter Kendall Farell has always been attracted to the erotic beauty of the hot flames that dance in burning buildings. Her dangerous fetish could cost her her job if anyone ever finds out. When she’s caught flirting with fire and rescued from certain death, her two male co-workers want payback in a very naughty way... 
Other books in the Taken Series... 
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Taken by Two Doctors 
Taken by Two Bosses 
Taken by Two Billionaires 
Taken by Two Bikers

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    Barry Livingstone thinks he and Cleo, his wife of four years, have the perfect marriage, although their sex life leaves something to be desired. So he couldn't be more surprised when she drags him to the office of relationship counselor Chet Gontermann. During their first session, she accuses Barry of kicking back and relaxing while she slaves away at household chores. 
    At the end of their 50 minutes, Dr. Gontermann makes a surprising diagnosis: Blake's lack of consideration for his wife stems from his ignorance what it's like to live life as a woman. The solution? Irrumatrix, a little pink pill that will turn him into a gorgeous blonde bombshell for six days. 
    A night filled with steamy lesbian action persuades Barry that being a beautiful girl might not be so bad after all. The next morning, however, she wakes to find herself tied naked to the bed, and her wife transformed into a stern femdom taskmaster. Demanding total obedience from her feminized husband, she orders Blake to clean the entire house, and spanks her with a wooden spatula when she fails to meet expectations. 
    That's only the beginning of the erotic humiliation in store for Barry, who, by the story's end, has serviced a shady traveling salesman and hooked up with his wife's Latin lover—while she watched!
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  • On The Edge 8 - cover

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    In this edition of On The Edge:
    (These short stories were originally published in a taboo format as: But Daddy You Know Twins Share Everything, Slut Sister Sally and Bella & Her Brother)
    Twins Tease:
    Joe is rightfully proud of his twin nineteen year old blondes, but it isn't until he is asked on a quiet Spanish beach to rub sun lotion on their backs that Joe understands just how devoted to him his girls are, and so begins the sensual seduction of the most important man in their lives. Is their step father tempted, or do their advances spell double trouble? 
    Step Sister Sally:
    Redhead Sally didn't know why her enemy Rachael invited her to her nineteenth birthday party, but her reaction was "who cares why, the booze will be free" but Rachael knew her foe well... a few drinks & Sally always became a slut, & that night didn't prove to be any different... except Sally wakes up with a hangover & the knowledge that this time, she really fucked the wrong guy! 
    18 year old Bella can't sleep, but she isn't particularly stressed... she doesn't think anything is heavy on her mind, except, when she does get to sleep she dreams only about sex, & of greater concern, she wakes to a sensation inside that tells her she has been sleepwalking and done more than just dream about it... maybe her step brother Justin knows what she does at night, his grin tells her he may!
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  • Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Volume Nine - Doctor-Patient Confidentiality #9 - cover

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    Eme Strife

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    Two very different people. 
    One scandalous proposition. 
    Endless possibilities... 
    My legs refuse to move. 
    And my arms. 
    And, quite possibly my heart, as well. 
    Hell, even my eyes can’t bring themselves to blink, completely bulged and glassy, as if they’re large marbles sitting in my face. My spine turns to ice, feeling insanely rigid and stiff I think I just might snap right in half if I even breathe too hard. 
    Maybe it’s a good thing my lungs just decided to quit on me, too, then. 
    My brain is having serious trouble processing the words in front of me. My mouth goes incredibly dry, and I can’t even bring myself to swallow to relieve the parched sensation. I just stand there for several seconds—or maybe it’s several minutes, I don’t know—unable to look away from the piece of paper. 
    Reserved for sub.  
    Reserved. For. Sub.  
    R.e.s.e.r.v.e.d. f.o.r. s.u.b. 
    Every single letter in those three unsettling, heart-stopping words loop around in my head over and over again until that’s all I can see. Everything else fades away, and I experience the most chilling, sobering moment of clarity I’ve ever had. 
    This is for real.  
    Like, this is really, really happening. 
    Feast your eyeballs and fall absolutely head over heels in love with Eme Strife's edgy, sizzling, intriguing, incredibly sexy, and captivating unconventional romance story. Each installment will keep you strapped to the very edge of your seat and constantly guessing on one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. You'll never think of the phrase, "Doctor-Patient Confidentiality”, in the same way ever again once you read this! 
    This story unfolds over several volumes. IT IS NOT A STANDALONE. This is the ninth book. 
    Rated 18+ 
    This series contains mature and adult content (nudity, graphic sex, and strong language). Because of its explicit nature, it is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.
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    A submissive side is awoken in Lynton when he asks his ex-manager, Julianne, to help him get a job: she spanks him as a punishment for misbehaviour when she first managed him. She then trains his girlfriend, Chloe, in the art of female domination. With the aid of Julianne’s mysterious ‘friend’, Lydia, Lynton and Chloe move into a flat together. After a miss-adventure with Lynton’s friend, DW, he is gradually drawn into Julianne’s web: he is “rented” out to other women before finding true happiness.
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  • Getting Pregnant by My Boyfriend's Best Friend - cover

    Getting Pregnant by My...

    Nicki Paige

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    Kerrie finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She dumps him and his best friend is asked to come speak to her, but he doesn’t make excuses for him. She was fertile and desperate. Kerrie knew she had missed out on a lot, but now she was going to make up for lost time with Drake. She is bareback and really couldn’t be happier.
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  • Serving Her (The Complete Series Box Set 1-5 Club Prive) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) - cover

    Serving Her (The Complete Series...

    Mary C. Jane

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    The Hunt For The Perfect Guy  
    Olivia Hart , Alpha Billionaire Female, CEO to a Makeup industry, is traveling around the is looking for the love of her life. The perfect man. Visiting many exotic locations... Olivia is not traveling alone. She Accompanied by her three, closest friends, she will have to jump over many obstacles, in order to find the love of her life. At some point, Olivia will have to make an impossible decision. Join her, Michelle, Susan and Tori, on their quest for true love.  
    This Box Set contains:  
    Book 1: Serving Her in MIAMI BEACH  
    Book 2: Serving Her in TAMPA  
    Book 3: Serving Her in MONTEGO BAY  
    Book 4: Serving Her in OCHO RIOS  
    Book 5: Serving Her in DUBAI 
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