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Taken by Two Firefighters - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Firefighters - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Firefighter Kendall Farell has always been attracted to the erotic beauty of the hot flames that dance in burning buildings. Her dangerous fetish could cost her her job if anyone ever finds out. When she’s caught flirting with fire and rescued from certain death, her two male co-workers want payback in a very naughty way... 
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    Treating Hysteria

    Jamie Klaire

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    Authors get their ideas from some pretty strange places. 
    I'd read somewhere that the vibrator was the fifth thing invented after electricity came along. Shows you were it was on the list of priorities: sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, toaster and then vibrator. Before both the vacuum and iron.  
    And it was invented as a labor-saving device, since doctors were getting hand cramps and such, from manually 'treating' women for 'hysteria.' Yes, it seems hand jobs were part of the 1900's doctor's job description.  
    Doctors would use vegetable oil to massage women's genitals, bringing them to what we now call orgasm, after which they'd experience sudden and dramatic relief from 'hysteria.' 
    This erotic short is this author's vision of how one such home visit might have gone down. Enjoy!
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  • Ravished by the Dark Tendrils - cover

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    Supernatural appendages pleasure her until she begs! 
    At night, the inky black darkness comes, dark appendages that tease Diana until she can’t take anymore, and then those tendrils of lust fill every orifice until she’s screaming in pleasure. 
    An erotic paranormal short featuring hentai-inspired ghostly tendrils and DP with anal
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    Only Love

    Kit Tunstall

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    Beta Elisa and Omega Mical were never meant to be together. All the rules of their wolf-shifter pack forbid it, but passion in the moonlight brings them together, and nothing can tear them apart. Only love will give them the strength to fight the opposition to their union.
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  • Used By Daddy - Hardcore Taboo Erotica No9 - cover

    Used By Daddy - Hardcore Taboo...

    Lily Weidner

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    Daddy always had a depraved interest in his horny little girl. There were times my thoughts wandered to the tempting fantasy of it. I couldn’t help how enticing the whole thing seemed, losing my virginity to my father. Still, I never expected him to use my fertile body for his every incestuous impulse. Now it doesn’t matter because daddy’s done waiting—and he’s going to claim me for himself!
    With a small hint of a whimper lingering in the air between us, I nodded my head compliantly. The temptation to open my eyes was overwhelming then, and yet I feared what I might discover. My father must have sensed this, as his fingers traced the supple outline of my mouth. When my lips parted instinctually, I tasted a mixture of leather and salt.
    “That’s a good girl.”
    The hand that covered my mouth pushed the sheets of my bed aside, then moved down to my breast, grabbing hold of me the way daddy often did. Despite every effort to the contrary, my whimpering soon turned into a delectable set of moans. Such a reaction was humiliating, and yet, not the worst of my body’s duplicity. A pool of wetness accompanied my sounds of pleasure, betraying the fear I still felt. Instinctively my thighs pressed together to keep my sheets from staining. This only earned a laugh; one that I finally recognized had the tone of my father’s voice. My eyes shot open, no longer fearful of what the light would bring. “Daddy? Daddy! Oh my God! What are you doing?”
    “Hush, and do as I say.”
    Daddy’s voice sounded so different. The husky abrasiveness of the tone he used with me now made my nipples harden under his fingertips. Still, this was my father. What daddy seemed to want I knew already to be wrong. No man was supposed to touch me this way, and yet my father forced reactions from me that I’d never admit to having wanted previously. “Mmm Daddy, I will. I’ll be your good little girl.”
    I felt daddy’s hand pull away then, as he gripped me roughly by the hair. The way he pulled my body against his hurt, and a small whimper left my lips. Daddy seemed to like the way it hurt, made me cry out.
    “You’re damn right you’ll be good. Now spread your fucking legs.” Daddy grunted.
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  • Unmask - cover


    Jayne Doe

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    Rose Bartlett couldn't have been more thrilled about her new position at Mount Beacon Hospital. She was working toward her dream and nothing could stand in her way. She didn't want or need a man in her life. Until she met him… 
    Bobby Alterman had worked at the hospital for ten years and never once had he shown anything more than a passing interest in any woman, until he met her… 
    Fiery passion explodes between these two unsuspecting people, taking them by surprise and bringing their lives crashing together. 
    Meanwhile, a serial killer is making all of West Virginia look over their shoulders as bodies start piling up. Bobby wants to protect Rose, but she's more stubborn than he is. She isn't afraid and refuses to play by his rules. Can this unsuspecting pair survive when the killer strikes too close to home?
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  • Led By Her 10 - Led by Her #10 - cover

    Led By Her 10 - Led by Her #10

    Tinto Selvaggio

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    What happens when a submissive man finally gives up everything he has for the dominant woman he worships? 
    In this series conclusion, Submissive husband Stuart knows he will never have a better chance to prove his usefulness and long-term value to beautiful femdom, Becky.  
    Split up from her own husband and her lover, Becky is struggling to maintain her large home and lifestyle on her own. Desperate Stuart has sensed an opportunity. 
    He's offered to support her by giving her all the money he has, his unlimited unpaid labor and his total devotion if she'll only accept him ongoing as her slave. A slave who would loyally follow whatever rules Becky sees fit to set. 
    But Stuart is still waiting for her decision and the uncertainty of not knowing is proving increasingly difficult to handle. 
    His own wife has left him because of his obsession with the selfish dominatrix and his home is up for sale. So when there's an offer on his property Stuart feels compelled to push and find out whether he has any kind of future at Becky's feet.  
    Is he really prepared to give up on his own marriage, his share of the proceeds from the sale of his home and his very freedom for a female like Becky? Someone who openly admits could never be satisfied by him. In any case, what sort of woman would accept the kind of sacrifice Stuart has offered? 
    And even if he was accepted by Becky, would he seriously be able to bare the reality of life as her full-time, live-in houseboy? The unrelenting self-sacrifice and humiliation 24 hours a day. The constant need to prove himself worthy of her. The fear and uncertainty that every new person the divine Becky meets might be the one who steals the heart of this perfect female. 
    This final and largest book in the series is a 27k+ word novella-size ebook adventure story, written from the husband’s point of view. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual action and other activity including public humiliation, domestic discipline, forced bi and sissy humiliation, submission, cuckolding and body worship. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this
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