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Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Sierra Allan works hard at her late-father’s horse ranch. When her step-brother adds her handy girl services to a private auction to help raise money for the failing ranch, she figures there’s no harm...but she’s stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires... 
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    It's been a few days since my last wrestling match with Brad, my sexy college star wrestler. He wants a rematch, and I'm only happy to oblige. This time, the rules are simple. Whoever can force the other into a pair of handcuffs wins, and whoever loses has to endure whatever the winner wants to do for the night. Guess who wins again. I'm not allowed to kick this time, but he never said anything about grabbing… 
    Disclaimer: This is an erotic short story. It contains adult themes and is intended for a mature audience. The story contains BDSM themes, including bondage, femdom, and ball-busting. All characters in this story are over 18 years of age, and all sexual activity depicted herein is safe, enthusiastic and consensual.
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  • Cured by a Werewolf Psychiatrist (Curvy BBW Paranormal Romance Shifter Wolf Alpha Mate) - cover

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     'A short love story about a broken-hearted woman and a psychiatrist with an unexpected cure.' 
    Pauline Rheinlander’s heart is broken after she found out that her fiancé was cheating on her, and besides sinking deeper into depression she is haunted by strange hallucinations. Her friend Julia recommends her to a psychiatrist who can help her to find a way out. The only trouble is, he is new in town and strange rumors of him being a werewolf who sleeps with patients have followed him from his previous workplace. 
    After her first meeting with the handsome psychiatrist, she tells Julia that he is too attractive for her to continue with the therapy. Simply put, she wouldn't be able to work with someone who had become the object of her sexual desire. 
    She goes back for a second session to tell him that she has to cancel the therapy, but the handsome psychiatrist has different plans for her. He also experienced a strong lust for her, intuitively feeling that she might be 'the right one', and he decides to take a step towards making Pauline his mate. She is not ready for a new man, yet she is intrigued by his approach… 
    The story contains explicit sex between a curvy woman and a sexy alpha male werewolf, and is intended for mature audiences only! 18+ 
    Damian saw the confusion on her face and the reluctance to join him on the couch. He needed a new shot of medications in order to prevent him from shifting into a werewolf. 
      “Sorry sweetheart, I have to get my meds if you want me to continue this night in human form,” he said. 
      Her order was indicated with an index finger pointing down.  
      “You said I can do whatever, my rules. And I want to make love with a werewolf, not only with a human,” she said. 
      “Are you sure? My eyes will glow, and my skin will be covered with thick hair… also, my cock gets bigger when I shift.” 
      “You are saying that as if it’s a problem, but to be honest all the things you mentioned are making you even more attractive, and trust me, I won’t have trouble with your cock,” she said as she walked closer to him. 
      The doctor was surprised to have met a woman who found his changes appealing. Up until then, he could never make love without concern that his partner might freak out.  His intuition had told him that she might be open-minded for the paranormal side of him, and that was the main reason why he was attracted to Pauline, besides her voluptuous body. 
      “I think it’s time that you give me a ride,” she said as she seductively approached the couch, without interrupting their lingering stare with even a millisecond of an eye-blink. 
    “He is waiting for you to pull the gear up,” he said. “All you have to do is to sit down and enjoy the journey to the promised land.”
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    Time to strap on, lube up and teach the boss a lesson he will never forget. 
    Claire is itching to bring her boss down a peg or two. 
    From the moment the busty young lady started working at the car dealership, her boss’s eyes have remained glued to her body, watching every step she takes. 
    So when Claire finally succumbs to some alone time with her boss. 
    She unleashes her inner domme, punishing his unsuspecting and willing body. 
    Strapped, lubed up and ready for a night of unparalleled domination, the busty young domme takes her boss on an unforgettable ride of Femdom. 
    This 3400 word short contains explicit scenes of femdom, female domination and pegging and should be enjoyed by adults only.
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    Is there a chance for love between a woman and a husband who became a werewolf? 
    Scientist Roger catches his wife Monica cheating on him with a young French guy. In a rage, he goes back to his laboratory in order to inject himself with a radioactive substance, after which he beams a laser on himself with a wolf-s genetic signature. 
    When he is back, Monica has to deal with an angry werewolf who is seeking revenge! 
    This 5400+ word short action story contains wild, explicit sex between a lovely BBW and a sexy werewolf, and is intended for mature audiences only!
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  • Big Black Wolf - Kinky Fairy Tales #1 - cover

    Big Black Wolf - Kinky Fairy...

    Daisy Rose

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    Kinky fairy tales features standalone stories with a sensual twist. In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, Red runs into the depraved beast on her way to her grandmother's house. 
    The giant beast takes human form and awakens dark desires inside her. He turns her pain into pleasure as he bends her over a fallen log and shows her the consequences of disobeying him. Her first time is filled with hard lessons as the older man shows her the pleasures of submission. 
    Step into forbidden desires in Big Black Wolf as innocent Red is swept up in the dangerous beastly seduction.
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  • She Dared Me to Do Him - cover

    She Dared Me to Do Him

    Michael Jade

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    He agreed just to get her hot—but he enjoyed it more than he imagined! 
    A drunken dare ends with Gavin in a sex club on his knees in front of the biggest meat he’s ever seen—and the bound, blindfolded man who’s ready for him to experience something new. Right in public with his girlfriend egging him on, Gavin discovers his love for the male form—especially how it tastes in his mouth. 
    An erotic short featuring public exhibition, bondage, first MM encounter/BJ, and bukkake. 
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