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Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Sierra Allan works hard at her late-father’s horse ranch. When her step-brother adds her handy girl services to a private auction to help raise money for the failing ranch, she figures there’s no harm...but she’s stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires... 
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    Daddy’s Baby Fever — Alexis unwittingly agreed to have her father’s baby. It’s too late to take it back and Dad is very good at convincing her to follow through.
    Daddy’s Sex Ed — Dad is giving Jocelyn a hands-on education in the sexual arts. He won’t be satisfied with her progress until she enjoys their sessions as much as he does.
    Daddy’s Little Sidepiece — Mikala was only playing the part of Dad’s lover as a joke. She didn’t expect him to make an honest woman out of her.
    Adults ONLY! 18+!
    This bundle includes depictions of oral, barely-legal breeding sex, bondage, bareback creampie sex, and plenty of daddy-daughter unprotected hard-pounding loving.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    Alexis snagged two more strips of bacon, adding them to the four she already had, and scooped an extra-large helping of fried apples onto her plate.
    “Put some of that back,” Mom snapped. “Your ass is too big as it is. That’s why you can’t get a man.”
    “I haven’t been trying. And men like women with a big butt,” Alexis mumbled.
    “There’s big and then there’s fat, which is what you have. A big fat sloppy ass and it’s only going to get wider with you eating like that. You need to exercise. All you do is sit in front of your computer and let your ass spread. It’s a wonder you can fit in your chair.”
    This wasn’t anything Alexis hadn’t heard before. Her pear-shaped body had been the focus of her mother’s attacks since Alexis hit puberty. She had a slim waist and boobs plenty enough to fill a man’s hands, but her hips, ass, and thighs were thick and round, and the reason she hated shopping for pants. But she put herself through it because her mother’s attacks got worse if Alexis tried to wear a skirt or a dress, saying she resembled a brown whale in a muumuu or a circus tent.
    “Leave her alone, Lori.” Dad entered the kitchen and walked over to Alexis. “If you didn’t want her to eat, you shouldn’t have made so much food.” He picked up the plate and held it out to her. When she hesitated, he nodded with a wink.
    Alexis gave him a wobbly smile and took the plate.
    Dad started fixing his own plate. “I know you didn’t make all this food for me.  And you barely eat any of it. So it’s either Alexis eats it or we throw it out.”
    “Or we save it for another day because I’m not going to be cooking every morning like this. Just because I made a lot doesn’t mean she has to try and eat it all.” Mom shook her head with a roll of her eyes. “You need to stop spoiling her. You’re the reason she’s as big as she is, giving her cakes and candy all the time.”
    “Alexis, when’s the last time I gave you cake or candy?”
    “Not since I was thirteen, Daddy.” Alexis regretted opening her mouth the moment her mother glared at her. She rushed to the dining room table to get out of the line of fire.
    Dad said, “You cook like we’ve got three other people in this house. Is this your way of telling me you want another baby?”
    “Like hell!” Mom gave a derisive laugh. “We can’t even get this one out the door. Why in hell would I want to start all over with another one?”
    Alexis heaved a soft sigh and stared at her food, no longer hungry. If she had known her mother’s attitude toward her would get worse, she would have taken the scholarship for the out-of-state college instead of trying to save money by attending the college near home.
    Dad came into the dining room and set his plate down before he rubbed the top of her head, smiling when she looked up with him. His brown eyes sparkled with love. “Eat,” he said in a soft voice. “You look fine and you’re not fat.”
    She whispered, “Thanks, Daddy.”
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    	This Christmas, Lynn receives more than she asked for when her lover Carlie decides to step out of her comfort zone and gives Lynn a new set of “tools” for her toolbelt.
    	Carlie and her straight friend Beth set out to enhance the gift with a few sexy additions and meet Jay, the experienced, knowing – and butch – owner of TOYLAND, who takes Carlie’s idea to a whole new level.
    	When Christmas is over, each woman has gotten exactly what she wanted – even if she didn’t know she needed it.
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  • Bride of the Shining Mountains - Quest For The West #3 - cover

    Bride of the Shining Mountains -...

    S. K. McClafferty

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    When Reagan Dawes refuses to wed an elderly suitor, her step father Luther decides to take drastic measures, kidnapping her and dragging her off to the Rocky Mountains and a fur trapper's Rendezvous.  Reagan manages to escape her dim-wit half brothers, and takes refuge in a lean-to belonging to Jackson Broussard, younger son, and black sheep of an old and reverred family.  In a moment of weakness, Reagan begs the Creole aristocrat to help her, and when he refuses she bolts.  But when Jackson sees the girl dragged onto the stage and the bidding starts, he understands her desperatation.  Something deep inside of the renowned rake goads him to interfering, and he buys the girl for a small fortune, yet Jackson soon finds out that taming the unrefined Reagan is the most challenging thing he has ever done.  Back home in St. Louis, Reagan's transformation begins... but a storm is brewing, and Jackson't world is far more complex than it seems.  Reagan soon learns that Jackson's brother, Clay, was murdered, and Jackson is the only suspect.  As Jackson tries to unravel the mystery of Clay's death, a new danger arises,  threatening to steal away the only happiness he has ever known.
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