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Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Cowboys - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Sierra Allan works hard at her late-father’s horse ranch. When her step-brother adds her handy girl services to a private auction to help raise money for the failing ranch, she figures there’s no harm...but she’s stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires... 
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    Edwin awakes very early, still drunk and a bit disoriented, to discover someone--he isn't entirely sure who--pleasuring him orally. When he awakens for real a little later, Dame Mary--whom he suspects as his earlier visitor--arrives to tell him she is leaving Marchmount House forever. 
    Too shocked and dismayed to argue, Edwin lets her leave, but immediately regrets his decision. Brooding around the house all day, he realises he cannot lose her--he is in love with her, and wants her with him more than anything else available to him at the house. 
    He rushes to her cottage, swearing he will convince her to stay with him. If he's in time to catch her, though, what will he say to prove his love to her? How can he show her that he loves her most of all? 
    WARNING: This intensely erotic romance includes very hot, very explicit scenes of sex between a randy young lord and the mature but very beautiful object of his lust.
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  • The Slob Who Lives Down the Hall - A Sexy Interracial BWWM Romance Short Story From Steam Books - cover

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    When Cara’s daughter, Jade, begs her to ask the man from down the hall to help her with her schoolwork, Cara gives in, and finds herself learning about the most mysterious man in the complex, who as it turns out, isn’t as bad as they say or as unattractive as she’d thought. But there's still no way Cara cold ever fall for someone like him. Could there? WARNING: This 4,920-word short story (about 25 pages) is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking and may be too much for some readers to handle!
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  • Passion Blooms in Paris - cover

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    A tour of Paris should always include a sexy Frenchman.
    Gwenever continues her travels in Europe and after several days without a man, she longs to find passion again. What better place than Paris?
    She visits the Louvre and meets a Pierre Devaux, a Frenchman, but he's far from the typical local. He's a famous French actor and he can't keep his eyes off Gwen. He offers to escort her through the museum and she gladly accepts. As they explore and analyse the artwork, he seduces her with his sultry words and sexy accent. As Gwen's desire for him escalates, she quickly forgets about the centuries-old art. But interruptions from fans and visitors keep her and Pierre apart. When he invites her to a private room, she questions if he's playing games with her. Should she spend the day marveling at the works in the Louvre, or follow what her body yearns for?
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  • An Outlaw Rises - Book 2 - Desert Reapers MC #6 - cover

    An Outlaw Rises - Book 2 -...

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    He was mine. I was his. It was truly that simple. There were no games or manipulations. We trusted one another and that trust was forged by pain into something rock solid and unbreakable, and it would have to be given the legal escort service he was planning to open on the reservation. With Trent by my side and out of the dangerous, illegal businesses he was in I could look wide eyed and optimistic into the future. And in that vision he was holding me tight and I was lost in his arms, against his cut, forever and always, no matter what may come to pass. 
    Life for an outlaw isn’t simple. It’s hard. It’s dangerous. It’s complicated. Most importantly of all it’s filled with sacrifices that regular, law abiding citizens can’t even begin to fathom. I know I’d promised Jenny I could go straight and that was direction I’d taken the club in. What Jenny had to understand and what she didn’t, was that just because I wanted things to be different didn’t mean they would be, or even could be, though I was going to try, for her and for my men, our futures depended on it. And if I didn’t lead the way no one else would. 
    Warning this 18K word story is for mature audiences only. 
    Desert Reapers Series Chronology 
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  • Dark Desires 7 - 9 - cover

    Dark Desires 7 - 9

    Daisy Rose

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    Love. Sex. Pain. Pleasure.
    These three standalone stories take love to another level. The dominating alpha men bind and take innocent young women in all-too-public places. Being dominated has never been more enticing.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Excerpt from Punished By Men: 
    Baron's quest for a submissive began as soon as he knew he wanted to start a club. He was forced to accept that the task was much more challenging than he had predicted when he still couldn't find one after the club had finished construction. He couldn't throw money at it to solve the problem, as he had been so used to doing. The more money involved, the less likely they would find someone suitable, something which he had to find out the hard way when a hooker showed up at the door. 
    Not many young women were willing to give their trust to an unknown man and accept a role that would likely define their entire lives. It was the kind of work that wouldn't last past their primes and women knew that. 
    The few that had gone to the interview had, thus far, been unsuitable. 
    One young woman cried throughout the entire interview after he spanked her just once and not in a 'it hurts so good' kind of crying either. She insisted she would be able to get her act together in time for work but he didn't want to hire someone who was at a risk of being emotionally scarred during one of their sessions. 
    Another thought the work was disgraceful and was insulted that she was even offered the interview in the first place despite having applied to it herself. She was particularly beautiful, but he knew it would be a complete disaster to have her there. It seemed she had pretended to go along with the whole thing just in order to finally meet him in person. He made sure to have her name blacklisted in all his company's future interviews. He did not appreciate time wasters. 
    The third interviewee had showed up half drunk. He promptly signed her up for rehab after she threw up on the interview table. 
    The submissives he knew all either had steady income jobs that paid higher than what he was offering or loved their jobs. He was prepared to approach other Doms and ask if they were willing to share their subs for specific nights, but he didn't want to have to deal with different girls every night. 
    The club had only been open for a little over a week and already Baron was bored out of his mind. 
    "Now, tell me about the young woman you have in mind," Baron asked James. 
    The younger man gulped, not used to have the black man's completely attention on him. His boss was an imposing man, not only in size but in intensity. He had a way of looking at people that made them feel miniscule and insignificant. 
    James owed the older man his entire career. If it wasn't for him, he would be out in the streets. 
    He had thought of Gabriella in the spur of the moment and hadn't realize he had spoken out-loud until Baron asked him for details. 
    "I met Gabriella in college. Last I heard, she was desperate for work," he said. 
    Baron sent him a look at made his spine curl. "What makes you think she'll be good for the job?" he asked. He was looking for a submissive, not some unemployed college graduate. 
    James hastily continued. "Based on the grapevine, she's a submissive." 
    Baron's lips twisted. That is useful information. "What was she studying?" he asked. 
    "She studied sociology and have been working mostly admin positions for the past year. Lost two jobs from inappropriate behavior." 
    "Inappropriate behavior?" he asked. 
    "Seems she was keen on sleeping with her colleagues at work." 
    Now, that's interesting. There was little risk in arranging an interview with her. "How desperate for the job is she?" he asked.
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  • The Thirsty Client (Hucow High Class Escort Milking Lactation Erotica) - cover

    The Thirsty Client (Hucow High...

    Millie King

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    High-class escort, Vanessa, assumes she's taken another regular client when Mr. Blake requests her services for one night. But when the two of them are finally alone she realizes he's far from the usual boring men she's used to. When he ties her to the bed, a helpless Vanessa soon discovers Mr. Blake can do fantastic things to her body, sending her to the heights of ecstasy with his playful, kinky ways and has one or two more surprises in store for her as he mysteriously induces lactation and gulps lovingly from her bounteous breasts.  This milking story will leave you dripping!
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