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Hedda Gabler (NHB Modern Plays) - cover

Hedda Gabler (NHB Modern Plays)

Henrik Ibsen

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

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Richard Eyre's high-profile adaptation of Ibsen's famous 'problem play' about a headstrong woman's determination to control those around her.
Arriving home after an extended honeymoon, Hedda struggles with an existence that is, for her, devoid of excitement and enchantment. Filled with a passion for life that cannot be confined by her marriage or 'perfect home', Hedda strives to find a way to fulfil her desires by manipulating those around her.
Richard Eyre's adaptation of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler was premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, in 2005.
'A triumph... Eyre's dialogue is forceful, clear, with just enough idiomatic dash' - Observer
'Hedda is often regarded as the female Hamlet. But Eyre reminds us that it is a great polyphonic play as well as a commanding title-role' - Guardian
'Hedda Gabler still has the power to shock' - Independent on Sunday
'thrilling... re-administers, as if for the first time, the devastating shock and the sheer affront of Ibsen's drama' - Independent
Available since: 06/07/2016.
Print length: 96 pages.

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    A bold new version of Ibsen's tragic masterpiece by an award-winning modern writer of Chimerica.
    In Lucy Kirkwood's version of Hedda Gabler, Ibsen's nineteenth-century heroine is relocated to present-day London, to startling effect.
    Hedda, still mourning for the father she adored, returns from honeymoon with a husband she doesn't love, to a flat and a pregnancy she doesn't want. Trapped by her past and terrified of her future, bored by her life but too cowardly to walk away from it, she finds herself caught between three men. And in the end, something has to give.
    Lucy Kirkwood's Hedda premiered at the Gate Theatre, London, in August 2008.
    'a Hedda for our times' Guardian
    Ibsen's 19th-century masterpiece relocated thrillingly to London 2008... Kirkwood makes us believe absolutely in this modern-day world of mountainous mortgages and bitchy academia' Evening Standard
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    Heart over Time encapsulates the sense of intrigue, of appointed times and of personal election that permeates the writer's work throughout. Marie Barrett's poetry and prose has a 'Jacob's ladder' type feel to it, the journey of life winding and rewinding itself with new revelations revealed in old themes. From her first book, The Witnesses, which was written under instructions from the words in a dream: ‘Write about your experiences in London and call the book The Witnesses.’ a follow-up to Over the Boundaries, in which a wide spectrum of emotions are confronted. In Heart over Time, eschatological concerns are particularly to the fore, stemming most poignantly from the recent death of her husband. The internal rhythms of the speech of her soul find a companion in nature and in the silent workings of the seasons and the universe and have a hypnotising effect that draws the reader in its wake to a state of shared metaphysical being.
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