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More Misrepresentative Men - cover

More Misrepresentative Men

Harry Graham

Publisher: anboco

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Robert Burns
William Waldorf Astor
Henry VIII
Alton B. Parker
J. M. Barrie
Omar Khayyam
Andrew Carnegie
King Cophetua
Joseph F. Smith
Sherlock Holmes
Available since: 09/10/2016.

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  • The Disappearance Boy - behind every story lies a story - cover

    The Disappearance Boy - behind...

    Neil Bartlett

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    1953. The backstreets of Brighton are buzzing with preparations for the celebrations of the Coronation of Elizabeth II and, at the Grand Theatre, illusionist Teddy Brookes is plotting something crowd-pleasing to crown the occasion—with some assistance from glamorous Soho showgirl Pamela Rose. What the audience can never see is that, hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of his act, there is a whole world of secrets and lies…
    And a disappearance boy.
    In his acclaimed fourth novel, Neil Bartlett once again performs his trademark trick of slipping into the hidden spaces of queer history and bringing them vividly to life. Originally published in 2013, this new edition includes an introduction by the author and an Afterword with world famous illusionist, Derren Brown.
    "Seductive, dark, theatrical and fascinating, Bartlett's writing is spellbinding"—Russell Tovey;
    "As someone who works in theatre and live performance, I adored the way Bartlett drew out the characters and life of a backstage world, the glamour and sadness that can sometimes go hand in hand in entertainment. Bartlett writes in a way that draws you personally into the story, yet never lets you fully trust what the outcome may be"—Travis Alabanza
    "The Disappearance Boy surrounds us in the crumbling spectacle of British variety entertainment—inviting us to an off-season Brighton where performers in lonely digs navigate their marginalised bodies and identities. They long to defy the boundaries of a restrictive and soon to be outdated world. A hypnotic and haunting journey that conjures the ghosts of variety into unexpected and emotive misdirections—the magic cannot be confined to the stage, but breaks through every page"—Marisa Carnesky
    "Vivid characters, a fascinating subject and an expertly evoked setting. Excellent."– Daily Mail
    "Bartlett delights in taking that which was once hidden and making it clear for all to see." – Independent
    "This book and its enchanting characters had me under their spell. I was bewitched." – Sheila Hancock
    "Mysterious, tender and utterly compelling." – S.J. Watson
    "One of England's finest writers" – Edmund White
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  • Easy to be a God - cover

    Easy to be a God

    Robert J. Szmidt, Robert Szmidt

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    As humanity colonizes outer space, they encounter a terrifying alien threat in this military sci-fi thriller. In the twenty-fourth century, and human civilization has made a great leap forward, colonizing over a thousand planets and exploring thousands more. But after surviving a bloody civil war, they now face mysterious new threats.  In the Xan-4 System, scientists and Federation soldiers observe two alien races from an orbital station. Sergeant Henryan Swiecki must identify a group of people who—against procedures—are trying to save one of the races. At stake is not only the survival of the Warriors of the Bone, but also Henryan’s life.  Meanwhile, in the distant New Rouen System, a recycling ship known as the Nomad finds a millennia-old shipwreck while clearing the fields of long-forgotten space battles. The derelict’s advanced technology is impressive...but the being found onboard could shake the very foundation of human civilization . . .
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  • Once a Homecoming Queen - cover

    Once a Homecoming Queen

    Jean Moran

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    She’s funny. She’s redeemable. And she’s dying.
    Once A Homecoming Queen is a humorous novel about addiction and redemption, featuring a 75-five-year-old, Francine Fisher-Reynolds-Richelli-Freeman, whose extreme alcohol consumption leads to a bevy of problems including her latest—a fall that leaves her with a broken neck, and compels her daughter and those who care about her to help Francine make peace with her past and reimagine her future.Angry and resentful about how her life has turned out, Francine's humor is on the dark side, but she's likable and unforgettable—emotionally tender, loving, and authentic with an unflinching personality. Think Phyllis Diller on steroids. Having been a former drug and alcohol counselor, and as the adult child of an alcoholic, I wanted to write a uniquely entertaining story about addiction as it relates to family dynamics and dysfunction. Most books about addiction are nonfiction, specifically memoirs about much younger protagonists, or they're too heavy on psychology and are painful to read. I was drawn to write a story about an older, female alcoholic because their stories are not told.
    Praise for Once a Homecoming Queen
    “Joan Moran’s latest novel, Once A Homecoming Queen, is an insightful but heartbreaking story about one woman’s battle with addiction and its impact, not only on herself, but on all those who love her. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through her life.”—Nancy Cushing-Jones, Creative Projects Group President, Publishing, Media & Branding, Executive Producer
    “. . . a powerful novel with a badly needed message. With more stories about elderly addiction it gets easier to help people in need. Before you get the chance to experience the film for yourself, get to know more about the writer behind it and learn what you can expect from the story right here.”—Frankie Stein, Film Daily
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  • The Dangerous Marriage - cover

    The Dangerous Marriage

    Barbara Cartland

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    International intrigue. The terrifying threat of Russian invasion. A hurriedly arranged marriage, ordered by Queen Victoria, of a young British beauty to a Balkan Prince to prevent a Revolution orchestrated by the Russians. In a romantic adventure that resonates thrillingly today, lovely golden-haired Lady Gloria Winton is sent on a Battleship to a faraway land to marry a man she’s never met and who, already, she hates intensely. But can her hate turn to love as together they flee the murderous Russians?
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  • Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow - A Novel - cover

    Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow - A Novel

    Faïza Guène

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    A “touching, furious, sharp, and very funny” novel of an immigrant teenage girl finding her own identity in France (Booklist).   The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris, but it feels like a different world. Doria’s father, aka the Beard, has headed back to their hometown in Morocco, leaving her and her mom to cope with their mektoub, their destiny, alone. They have a little help—from a social worker sent by the city, a psychiatrist sent by the school, and a thug friend who recites Rimbaud.   It seems like fate has dealt them an impossible hand, but Doria might still make a new life—“with bravado, humor, and a healthy dose of rage” (St. Petersburg Times).   “[A] sassy, spunky tale . . . Doria has what it takes to storm any barricade.” —The Hartford Courant   “[Doria is] as likable as Holden Caulfield or Prep’s Lee Fiora. Readers will cheer. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal, starred review   “A promising addition to the world’s literary voices.” —The Miami Herald   “Moving and irreverent, sad and funny, full of rage and intelligence. Her voice is fresh, and her book a delight.” —Laila Lalami, bestselling author of The Moor’s Account
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  • Cursed Bunny - cover

    Cursed Bunny

    Bora Chung

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    Shortlisted for the International Booker Prize, Cursed Bunny is a genre-defying collection of short stories by Korean author Bora Chung. Blurring the lines between magical realism, horror, and science-fiction, Chung uses elements of the fantastic and surreal to address the very real horrors and cruelties of patriarchy and capitalism in modern society. Anton Hur's translation skilfully captures the way Chung's prose effortlessly glides from being terrifying to wryly humorous.
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