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Radical Business Agility - Navigating Through Uncertain Times - cover

Radical Business Agility - Navigating Through Uncertain Times

Hans Amell

Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group

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How to prepare your business to respond quickly and effectively to the turbulence caused by politics, climate change, pandemics, and economic uncertainty. Future success depends upon the ability to adapt to colossal, rapid changes that lie ahead. Public and private organizational life is changing dramatically. We do not have the luxury of time anymore. Product cycles are shorter and job security is uncertain. Everything is moving faster, and we are experiencing an exponential growth of new technologies and systems pouring into our society. There is uncertainty in the geopolitical arena, and with climate change. There are pandemics, conflicts, and fiscal volatility stress. These challenges make it imperative to become responsive and practice agility in business.Radical Agility provides insight into key factors necessary for agility and the different ways to make your organization more adaptive. It also provides a compendium of tools that will help you implement agile practices into the processes, systems, organizational structure, and business culture in your industry in order to overcome inhibitors of agility—and long-term business success.“A practical, pragmatic guide for leaders who understand the need for real, lasting agility but struggle to make it their reality.” —Andrea Fryrear, President and Co-founder, AgileSherpas“A timely book that provides context and actionable patterns for this new ‘organizational sensing’ that brings true business agility.” —Matthew Skelton, Director at Conflux and coauthor of Team Topologies“This book provides the vision, and more importantly the advice, to help get you and then keep you on the path to business agility.” —Scott Ambler, VP & Chief Scientist for Disciplined Agile, Project Management Institute
Available since: 03/15/2022.
Print length: 448 pages.

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    So, you want to be an entrepreneur? Many people desire to go into business for themselves but few individuals actually do. Why is this? Because it is risky for one thing, it’s a hard, long slog, most of it uphill and it’s going to cut into your free time as well; a lot of your free time. But the rewards for being an entrepreneur are pretty incredible. If you’re successful, you have the ability to earn an unlimited amount of money. Even if you’re not all that successful financially, you’re still working for yourself, paying the bills and living the dream. 
    But how do you become successful at an entrepreneurial venture? Although there are many paths to take all of them are paved with the same bricks: hard work, persistence, vision, a good idea and an entrepreneurial mindset. In this course, we’ll cover the keys to being a successful entrepreneur and how you can be more successful at your own ventures or start a brand-new life as a business owner. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in or what level of success you are seeking – what matters is the journey. 
    This video course has been converted into an audio course that you can listen to any time. 
    Follow these simple steps, and nothing will be able to prevent you from achieving the success that you’ve always wanted and being the kind of entrepreneur that everyone wants to be.
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    As though being a product manager was not tough enough, it turns out that not only do we have to manage our products, but we also have to manage our customers. Customers don't particularly want to be managed and so they are not necessarily going to make this an easy task for us to accomplish.
    What You'll Find Inside:
    In order to manage customers, first we need to have customers. What this means for a product manager that we are going to have to come up with ways to transform prospects into paying customers. Customers come with a lot of customer data. If we want to have any hope of understanding who our customers are or what they want, we're going to have to come up with a way to get all of that customer information into the same database.
    All too often product managers like to point out their most loyal customers as one of their most valuable assets. However, it turns out that these customers may not be very profitable. Instead, we need to allow all of our customers to show us how our product can become even better.
    Every customer starts out as a prospect. In order to turn them into a customer it is going to take both time and effort. The big question that product managers face is just exactly how much time is it worth to put into a given prospect in order to turn them into a customer? Once you've successfully landed a customer, they will start to use the current version of your product. When you upgrade your product to the next version, it's going to be the product manager's job to find a way to get your customer to also upgrade.
    In order for a customer to make the decision to buy your product, they are going to have to carefully evaluate all of the product information that they have. Successful product managers know that in order to speed this process up, they have to be careful to not give their customers too much information.
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  • Who Wins in a Digital World? - Strategies to Make Your Organization Fit for the Future - cover

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    In the new digital world, the unknowns are never-ending. Our ability to embrace the demands of change has become a prerequisite for success. It's not easy. We don't work the way we did last year. Next year, it will all change again. If an organization doesn't embrace the realities of change, it will be under siege from those that do. Who Wins in a Digital World? explains how organizations can adapt to a constantly changing business environment by being flexible but focused, embracing change in all its messiness, and moving fast.In articles that originally appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review, experts from business and academia discuss digital adaptability, explaining how both organizations and individuals need the ability to excel in what their roles will become as technology and their competitive ecosystem evolve. They highlight strategies and mind-sets that can foster change, including boldness in the face of digitization, a focus on collaboration, and an artificial intelligence game plan.Once an organization accepts the fact that technological change is ongoing and inevitable, it becomes more about opportunity and less about challenge. This audiobook shows that change can be stimulating, exhilarating, and something to be welcomed.
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  • Buy Now - Creative Marketing that Gets Customers to Respond to You and Your Product - cover

    Buy Now - Creative Marketing...

    Rick Cesari, Tom Kelley, Ron Lynch

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    Rick Cesari shares his twenty-five years of insights and methods as  a guide that will help readers make the most of direct response  marketing. Rick is the man behind the marketing campaigns that put  the Juiceman Juicer, the Sonicare Toothbrush, the George Foreman  Grill, and OxiClean into the minds of millions of consumers.   In today's highly competitive, non-stop, global marketplace,  businesses have to do more than just advertise their products. By  taking advantage of the best that direct response marketing has to  offer, businesses can improve their bottom lines, build brands, and  develop lasting relationships with legions of satisfied  customers.  Business owners, executives, and inventors will learn the  secrets behind the successful campaigns that catapulted these  products into millions of homes.  Rick provides readers with a  one-of-a kind manual that reveals how to:    Conduct a profitable direct response campaign  Build a product's reputation by providing helpful information  and research and allowing a product to sell itself  Use "high touch" direct response marketing to build brands
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