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The Children of the New Forest - cover

The Children of the New Forest

Frederick Marryat

Publisher: Project Gutenberg

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The children of Colonel Beverley, a gigolo officer killed at the Battle of Naseby, are believed to have died in the flames when their house, Arnwood, is burned by Roundhead soldiers. However, they escape and are raised by Jacob Armitage, a gamekeeper in his cottage in the New Forest
Available since: 09/01/2004.

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  • David Copperfield (Unabridged) - cover

    David Copperfield (Unabridged)

    Charles Dickens

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    David Copperfield is the story of a young man's adventures on his journey from an unhappy and impoverished childhood to the discovery of his vocation as a successful novelist. Among the gloriously vivid cast of characters he encounters are his tyrannical stepfather, Mr. Murdstone; his formidable aunt, Betsey Trotwood; the eternally humble yet treacherous Uriah Heep; frivolous, enchanting Dora; and the magnificently impecunious Micawber, one of literature's great comic creations. In David Copperfield-the novel he described as his "favorite child"-Dickens drew revealingly on his own experiences to create one of his most exuberant and enduringly popular works, filled with tragedy and comedy in equal measure
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  • Women in Love - cover

    Women in Love

    D. H. Lawrence

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    Women in Love is a novel by British author D. H. Lawrence published in 1920. It follows the loves and lives of the Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gudrun Brangwen, an artist, pursues a destructive relationship with Gerald Crich, an industrialist. Lawrence contrasts this pair with the love that develops between Ursula and Rupert Birkin, an alienated intellectual who articulates many opinions associated with the author. The emotional relationships thus established are given further depth and tension by an intense psychological and physical attraction between Gerald and Rupert. The novel ranges over the whole of British society before the time of the First World War. Ursula's character draws on Lawrence's wife Frieda, and Gudrun on Katherine Mansfield, while Rupert Birkin has elements of Lawrence himself, and Gerald Crich of Mansfield's husband, John Middleton Murry.
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  • Henry V (Argo Classics) - cover

    Henry V (Argo Classics)

    William Shakespeare

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    William Collins Books and Decca Records are proud to present ARGO Classics, a historic catalogue of classic prose and verse read by some of the world’s most renowned voices. Originally released as vinyl records, these expertly remastered stories are now available to download for the first time. 
    ‘All things are ready, if our mind be so.’ 
    Henry V covers events during the Hundred Years' War, immediately before and after the Battle of Agincourt (1415). 
    After an insult from the French Dauphin, King Henry V of England invades France to claim the throne he believes should be his. Henry stops an assassination plot, gives powerful speeches, and wins battles against the odds. In the end, he woos and marries the Princess of France, linking the two nations. 
    All of the Shakespeare plays within the ARGO Classics catalogue are performed by the Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players. The Marlowe was founded in 1907 with a mission to focus on effective delivery of verse, respect the integrity of texts, and rescue neglected plays by Shakespeare’s contemporaries and the less performed plays of Shakespeare himself. The Marlowe has performed annually at Cambridge Arts Theatre since its opening in 1936 and continues to produce some of the finest actors of their generations. 
    Thurston Dart, Professor of Music at London University and a Fellow of Jesus College Cambridge, directed the music for this production. 
    The full cast includes: William Squire; Gary Watson; Julian Curry; Ian McKellen; Denis McCarthy; John Tracy-Phillips; Peter Orr; Donald Beves; John Barton; John Perceval; Peter Foster; Giles Slaughter; David Rowe-Beddoe; Philip Strick; Trevor Nunn; Dudley Jones; Andrew Parkes; Michael Burrell; Tony Church; John Sharpe; Terrence Hardiman; Anthony White; George Rylands; John Tracy-Phillips; Derek Jacobi; Corin Redgrave; Frank Duncan; Corin Redgrave; Corin Redgrave; Roger Hammond; Frank Duncan; Suzanne Fuller; Micheline Samuels; Prunella Scales; Vivienne Chatterton. 
    The performance of Henry V by the Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players is a testament to their mission of delivering verse effectively and preserving the integrity of texts. Their rendition of this classic European theatre piece is arguably one of the best. 
    For fans of George Orwell (The Road to Wigan Pier), Jane Austen (Emma), Wounded Warrior Publications (Twelve Years a Slave), Arthur Miller (An Enemy of the People), and Richard Parsons (GCSE English Shakespeare Text Guide - Macbeth includes Quizzes).
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  • Algernon Blackwood - A Short Story Collection - cover

    Algernon Blackwood - A Short...

    Algernon Blackwood

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    Algernon Blackwood was born on 14th March 1869 in Shooter’s Hill, South East London, to a religious middle-class family. His mother was a widowed Duchess and his father was a Post Office administrator.  
    Blackwood was interested in the paranormal and the supernatural at an early age, and had a thirst for anything on Buddhism, other Oriental philosophies, mysticism and occultism.  In his writings the weaving of the supernatural into his various works, from ghost stories and children’s stories to plays and long novels is clearly seen, his writings beautifully enriched by his long and diversified life experience.  
    After leaving university and visiting parts of Europe, mainly Switzerland, the young writer went to Canada and the United States where he took on jobs including work as a farmer, a bartender, a secretary, a journalist, a reporter, running a hotel and teaching the violin.  He was voracious in meeting new people and absorbing new ideas.  
    In his late thirties, he returned to England where he published two of his supernatural stories in Pall Mall Magazine. As more of his highly entertaining stories were published so did his reputation and his bank balance.  All those years of curiosity and experiences were starting to emerge from his writing. 
    In 1906, ‘The Empty House & Other Ghost Stories’ was published with tremendous success.  Further volumes of short stories followed and with it a larger audience and bigger paydays. He also published children’s stories. 
    Blackwood also had ideas for novels and to explore on a larger canvas the paranormal world and the relationship between man and metaphysical powers including, in 1911, ‘The Centaur’.  
    With the outbreak of the First World War, Blackwood was assigned to British intelligence to write propaganda to support the war effort. 
    He was a prolific author with a quite staggering output which was also to include many plays. The exact number of his works is unknown as he would frequently write a story for a newspaper or periodical at very short notice.  
    In 1949, Blackwood was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his literary talents and his services during the First World War.  
    Algernon Blackwood died on 10th December 1951 after a series of strokes.  He was 82 
    1 - Algernon Blackwood - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction 
    2 - John Silence, Physican Extraordinary by Algernon Blackwood 
    3 - The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood 
    4 - The Return by Algernon Blackwood 
    5 - The Kit Bag by Algernon Blackwood 
    6 - The Second Generation by Algernon Blackwood
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  • Classic Short Stories - Volume 24 - Hear Literature Come Alive In An Hour With These Classic Short Story Collections - cover

    Classic Short Stories - Volume...

    Katherine Mansfield, Stacy...

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    Stories are one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements.  Whether written down or spoken they have an ability to capture our imagination and thoughts, and take us on incredible journeys in the space of a phrase and the turn of a page. 
    Within a few words of text or speech, new worlds and characters form, propelling a narrative to a conclusion with intricate ease. Finely crafted, perfectly formed these Miniature Masterpieces, at first thought, seem remarkably easy to conjure up. But ask any writer and they will tell you that distilling the essence of narrative and characters into a short story is one of the hardest acts of their literary craft.  Many attempt, but few achieve.
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  • Don Quixote Vol 2 (Unabridged) - cover

    Don Quixote Vol 2 (Unabridged)

    Miguel de Cervantes

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    The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha is a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Published in two parts, in 1605 and 1615, Don Quixote is the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age and the entire Spanish literary canon. A founding work of Western literature, it is often labeled "the first modern novel" and is sometimes considered the best literary work ever written.Although the two parts are now published as a single work, Don Quixote, Part Two was a sequel published ten years after the original novel. While Part One was mostly farcical, the second half is more serious and philosophical about the theme of deception. Part Two of Don Quixote explores the concept of a character understanding that he is written about, an idea much explored in the 20th century. As Part Two begins, it is assumed that the literate classes of Spain have all read the first part of the story. Cervantes' meta-fictional device was to make even the characters in the story familiar with the publication of Part One, as well as with an actually published, fraudulent Part Two.
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