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The Wide Net - and Other Stories - cover

The Wide Net - and Other Stories

Eudora Welty

Publisher: Mariner Books

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The classic short story collection of Southern life by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Optimist’s Daughter. 
These eight stories reveal the singular imaginative power of one of America's most admired writers. Set in the region of the Old Natchez Trace along the lower Mississippi, the stories dip in and out of history and range from virgin wilderness to a bar in New Orleans. 
In “First Love,” set in 1807, a deaf and orphaned boot-boy has a remarkable encounter with a man accused of treason, Aaron Burr. “Asphodel” ingeniously recreates a classic legend in the Old South. And the title story captures a moment in time for a pregnant woman and her young husband who has stayed out all night. In each story, Miss Welty sustains the high level of performance that, throughout her distinguished career, has won her numerous literary awards. 
"Miss Welty runs a photofinish with the finest prose artists of her time." —Time
Available since: 03/20/1974.
Print length: 231 pages.

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  • Yellow Book The - Vol 2 - cover

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    During the Victorian era the publishing of magazines and periodicals accelerated at a phenomenal rate.  This really was mass market publishing to a hungry audience eager for literary sustenance.  Many of our greatest authors contributed and expanded their reach whilst many fledging authors also found a ready source for their nascent works and careers. 
    Amongst the very many was ‘The Yellow Book’.  Although titled as ‘An Illustrated Quarterly’ it was sold as a cloth-bound hardback and within were short stories, essays, poetry, illustrations and portraits.  It was edited by the American author Henry Harland, who also contributed, and its art editor was no less that the formidable Aubrey Beardsley, the enfant terrible of illustration. 
    Its yellow cover and name gave it an association with the risqué and erotic yellow covered works published in France.  It was a visual shorthand for ideas that would push many boundaries of Society to more open interpretations. Being complete in each volume and slightly aloof it stayed away from serialised fiction and advertisements.   
    Within each lavishly illustrated edition were literary offerings that included works by such luminaries as Henry James, H G Wells, W B Yeats, Edith Nesbit, George Gissing and many others from the ascetic and decadent movements of the time.   
    The other notable inclusion was women both as contributors and amongst its editing staff, which was at odds with the then patriarchal gender norms.   
    Although it only survived for 13 issues its reach and influence were second to none.    
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    3 - Apple Blossom in Brittany by Ernest Dowson 
    4 - Second Thoughts by Arthur Moore 
    5 - The Papers of Basil Fillimer by H D Traill 
    6 - Suggestion by Mrs Ernest Leverson 
    7 - The Crimson Weaver by R Murray Gilchrist 
    8 - A Pen and Ink Effect by Frances E Huntley 
    9 - The Inquity of Oblivion by Kenneth Grahame 
    10 - Dies Irae by Kenneth Grahame 
    11 - A Resurrection by H B Marriott Watson 
    12 - A Journey of Little Profit by John Buchan
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    Prepare for edge-of-your-seat suspense in this Thriller Short.Originally published in THRILLER 2 (2009),edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author Clive Cussler.In this Thriller Short, bestselling author Sean Chercover displays his knowledge of the sea, diving and illegal trafficking. Two men with shady backgrounds come together on a fishing boat in the middle of the Caribbean. One of them is Tom Bailey, a mysterious people smuggler, The other—operating under the alias Diego—is willing to pay Bailey generously to carry out a job that Diego will not discuss. Thankfully for Diego, Bailey wants to retire from his illegal ways and go straight, and this job will nudge him closer to his goal. But things don’t go as planned for either man. Risks must be taken. Sometimes they pay off.  Other times…not so much.Don’t miss any of these exciting stories from Thriller 2: The Weapon by Jeffery DeaverRemaking by Blake CrouchIced by Harry HunsickerJustice Served by Mariah StewartThe Circle by David HewsonRoomful of Witnesses by R.L. StineThe House on Pine Terrace by Phillip MargolinThe Desert Here and the Desert Far Away by Marcus SakeyOn the Run by Carla NeggersCan You Help Me Out Here? by Robert FerrignoCrossed Double by Joe HartlaubThe Lamented by Lawrence LightVintage Death by Lisa JacksonSuspension of Disbelief by Tim MaleenyA Calculated Risk by Sean ChercoverThe Fifth World by Javier SierraGhost Writer by Gary BraverThrough a Veil Darkly by Kathleen AntrimBedtime for Mr. Li by David J. MontgomeryProtecting the Innocent by Simon WoodWatch Out for My Girl by Joan JohnstonKilling Time by Jon LandBoldt’s Broken Angel by Ridley Pearson
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  • British Short Story The - Volume 7 – Ada Ester Leverson to Baroness Orczy - cover

    British Short Story The - Volume...

    Ada Ester Leverson, William...

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    These British Isles, moored across from mainland Europe, are more often seen as a world unto themselves.  Restless and creative, they often warred amongst themselves until they began a global push to forge a World Empire of territory, of trade and of language. 
    Here our ambitions are only of the literary kind.  These shores have mustered many masters of literature. So this anthology’s boundaries includes only those authors who were born in the British Isles - which as a geographical definition is the UK mainland and the island of Ireland - and wrote in a familiar form of English. 
    Whilst Daniel Defoe is the normal starting point we begin a little earlier with Aphra Behn, an equally colourful character as well as an astonishing playwright and poet.  And this is how we begin to differentiate our offering; both in scope, in breadth and in depth.  These islands have raised and nurtured female authors of the highest order and rank and more often than not they have been sidelined or ignored in favour of that other gender which usually gets the plaudits and the royalties. 
    Way back when it was almost immoral that a woman should write.  A few pages of verse might be tolerated but anything else brought ridicule and shame.  That seems unfathomable now but centuries ago women really were chattel, with marriage being, as the Victorian author Charlotte Smith boldly stated ‘legal prostitution’.  Some of course did find a way through - Jane Austen, the Brontes and Virginia Woolf but for many others only by changing their names to that of men was it possible to get their book to publication and into a readers hands.  Here we include George Eliot and other examples. 
    We add further depth with many stories by authors who were famed and fawned over in their day.  Some wrote only a hidden gem or two before succumbing to poverty and death. There was no second career as a game show guest, reality TV contestant or youtuber. They remain almost forgotten outposts of talent who never prospered despite devoted hours of pen and brain. 
    Keeping to a chronological order helps us to highlight how authors through the ages played around with characters and narrative to achieve distinctive results across many scenarios, many styles and many genres. The short story became a sort of literary laboratory, an early disruptor, of how to present and how to appeal to a growing audience as a reflection of social and societal changes.  Was this bound to happen or did a growing population that could read begin to influence rather than just accept? 
    Moving through the centuries we gather a groundswell of authors as we hit the Victorian Age - an age of physical mass communication albeit only on an actual printed page.  An audience was offered a multitude of forms: novels (both whole and in serialised form) essays, short stories, poems all in weekly, monthly and quarterly form.  Many of these periodicals were founded or edited by literary behemoths from Dickens and Thackeray through to Jerome K Jerome and, even some female editors including Ethel Colburn Mayne, Alice Meynell and Ella D’Arcy. 
    Now authors began to offer a wider, more diverse choice from social activism and justice – and injustice to cutting stories of manners and principles.  From many forms of comedy to mental meltdowns, from science fiction to unrequited heartache.  If you can imagine it an author probably wrote it.  
    At the end of the 19th Century bestseller lists and then prizes, such as the Nobel and Pulitzer, helped focus an audience’s attention to a books literary merit and sales worth. Previously coffeehouses, Imperial trade, unscrupulous overseas printers ignoring copyright restrictions, publishers with their book lists as an appendix and the gossip and interchange of polite society had been the main avenues to secure sales and profits.
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  • Pickman's Model - cover

    Pickman's Model

    H. P. Lovecraft

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    Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937), who wrote as H. P. Lovecraft, was an American writer who achieved posthumous acclaim for his outstanding and influential works of horror fiction."Pickman's Model" is the story of a bizarre painter who has an uncanny genius for painting terrifying, hellish creatures which are extraordinarily lifelike. Indeed, the rendition is so amazing that it seems inconceivable that they could have been painted from anything but a real-life model. But of course that could never be...surely....
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