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The Introvert's Guide to Success in the Workplace - Becoming Confident in a Culture of Extroverted Expectations - cover

The Introvert's Guide to Success in the Workplace - Becoming Confident in a Culture of Extroverted Expectations

Dr. Mike Bechtle

Publisher: Revell

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Thriving at work doesn't require changing who you are 
- Do brainstorming meetings leave you drained and wishing you'd said more? 
- Have you been ignored while your extroverted coworkers get praised? 
- Do you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you're not in order to get ahead? 
As an introvert, you may feel like the things you're best at--deep thinking, keen observation, focused listening, and strategic planning--are not highly valued in your workplace. But just because your greatest strengths are internal doesn't mean your workplace doesn't need them. In fact, your invisible skills are essential to any business's success! And the key to your personal success is not trying to be someone else but being 100% yourself.  
Backed by research, case studies, and personal observation, communication expert Dr. Mike Bechtle shows you how to capitalize on your unique strengths so that you can reach your full potential with confidence and authenticity. His simple, actionable advice can change your work life--starting today.
Available since: 10/10/2023.
Print length: 224 pages.

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  • The Essential Coaching Leader - The Brain-Friendly Practices for State-of-the Art Leadership in the 21st Century - cover

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    Business Leader to Patty in 2003: "What do you do?"  
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    This conversation used to happen all the time. But in the years since, more and more business leaders have experienced executive coaching, which has become a thing. A valuable and professional thing. 
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    Today, when you search "SeattleCoach" you get Pete Carroll, Coach of the Seahawks. And you get Patty.  
    The Essential Coaching Leader is her introduction to a way of leading that finds its evidence and examples in neuroscience, in 21st-century business effectiveness, in history, and even in good theology. It is a way of leading that is both ancient and new.  
    The five essentials found in The Essential Coaching Leader will help you explore and begin to practice coaching leadership in this time of relentless and historic change.
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  • Own Your Phenomenal Self - A Guide on Character Success and Leadership - cover

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    No matter your background, experience, education, or credentials, you can have what you want out of life, and you can have it on your terms. Own Your Phenomenal Self is the guide that will put your career on the fast track. 
    After four decades succeeding as a business executive and entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Rita P. Mitchell has already fought and conquered the battles you currently face in the corporate world. Rita originally wrote this book to help her daughter, Brittany Mitchell, who was struggling to succeed in a corporate environment despite her skills, advanced education, and experience. The guidance in this book has dramatically changed the trajectory of Brittany's career and has also transformed the careers and lives of countless other readers. 
    With refreshing candor, Rita and Brittany co-narrate the audio version of Own Your Phenomenal Self. This book is truly a "Pocket Mentor" in which you will discover:A collection of compelling, inspirational, and personal storiesMemorable anecdotes and illustrations that deliver profound wisdom and strategic prowessEncouragement to focus on the three core building blocks of being phenomenal: character, success, leadershipPractical steps for owning your purpose and understanding your value 
    Only you get to determine your value, your worth, and your destiny. 
    Own Your Phenomenal Self is the book to help you do just that.
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