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Forgetting is How We Survive - cover

Forgetting is How We Survive

David Frankel

Publisher: Salt

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A plane crashes. A boy drowns. A body is found on a dark lakeside. A woman tries to make sense of a strange memory from her childhood. A father searches for a missing dog – his only link to his lost son. A boy on the brink of adolescence embarks on a journey and gets more than he bargained for. Young lovers get their kicks trespassing in empty houses. A young man prepares to leave his hometown for the last time, and a giant sink hole threatens to swallow everything.
In Forgetting Is How We Survive, people are haunted by ghosts of the past, tormented by doppelgangers and pining for the futures that have been lost to them. Each faces a turning point – an event that will move their life from one path to another, and every event casts a shadow.
The stories in this collection come from another England where earthy realism hides another world where anything is possible.
Available since: 07/15/2023.
Print length: 144 pages.

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    Tim Beckdolt, rangy and self-reliant, is as American as the frontier itself. He has spent eight hard months digging $175,000 in gold out of Arizona's Desperation Peak — but two strangers have taken his gold, and now they want to take his life. In a place where the only law is the law of survival, Beckdolt will have to live by his wits... or die by the bullet. The fists are flying and the guns are blazing as the audio version of Devil's Manhunt puts you hot on the trail of blistering Wild West action.
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    Literature is a world of words and wonder, able to take us on almost unimaginable journeys from the wild and fantastic to the grind and minutiae of life. 
    An author’s ideas are his building blocks, his architecture of the mind, building a structure on which all else will rest; the narrative, the characters, the words - those few words that begin the adventure. 
    In this series we look at some of our leading classic authors across two genres: the short story and the poem.  In this modern world there is an insatiable need to categorise and pigeon-hole everyone and everything.  But ideas, these grains and saplings of the brain, need to roam, to explore and find their perfect literary use vehicle.  Our authors are masters of many literary forms, perhaps known for one but themselves favouring another. 
    Story. Poems. Story.  Within these boundaries come all manner of invention and cast of characters.  And, of course, each author has their own way of revealing their own chapter and verse.    
    1 - Chapter & Verse - Edgar Allan Poe - An Introduction 
    2 - The Premature Burial by Edgar Allan Poe 
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    ASMR Reading from my Books & Poetic Lyrics... 
    Tonight we have a nice collection of ASMR excerpts from some of my books, & poetic lyrics. 1 full hour of reading to put you to sleep fast. Enjoy the D3XASMR Broadcast & be sure to check out more from wherever it is that you found this one at! Positive vibes sent your way... 
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  • For the Blood is the Life - A renowned and influential early gothic vampire tale set in Italy - cover

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    Francis Marion Crawford was born on August 2nd, 1854 at Bagni di Lucca, Italy. An only son and a nephew to Julia Ward Howe, the American poet and writer of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’.  
    His education began at St Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire, then to Cambridge University; University of Heidelberg; and the University of Rome.  
    In 1879 Crawford went to India, to study Sanskrit and then edited The Indian Herald. In 1881 he returned to America to continue his Sanskrit studies at Harvard University. 
    At this time in Boston he lived at his Aunt Julia house and in the company of his Uncle, Sam Ward. His family was concerned about his employment prospects.  After a singing career as a baritone was ruled out, he was encouraged to write.  
    In December 1882 his first novel, ‘Mr Isaacs’, was an immediate hit which was amplified by ‘Dr Claudius’ in 1883.  
    In October 1884 he married Elizabeth Berdan. They went on to have two sons and two daughters. 
    Encouraged by his excellent start to a literary career he returned to Italy with Elizabeth to make a permanent home, principally in Sant' Agnello, where he bought the Villa Renzi that then became Villa Crawford.  
    In the late 1890s, he began to write his historical works: ‘Ave Roma Immortalis’ (1898), ‘Rulers of the South’ (1900) and ‘Gleanings from Venetian History’ (1905). The Saracinesca series is perhaps his best work. ‘Saracinesca’ was followed by ‘Sant’ Ilario’ in 1889, ‘Don Orsino’ in 1892 and ‘Corleone’ in 1897, that being the first major treatment of the Mafia in literature.  
    Francis Marion Crawford died at Sorrento on Good Friday 1909 at Villa Crawford of a heart attack.  
    Set in Italy, ‘For Blood is the Life’ draws us into a world usually beyond our senses.  With Crawford’s pen the uneasy, horrific world of vampires is now upon us.
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  • Jirel of Joiry - cover

    Jirel of Joiry

    C. L. Moore

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    For fans of Red Sonja and Xena the Warrior Princess, a collection of five fantasy stories starring a mighty and powerful female warrior. The 1930s heralded the arrival of C.L. Moore, one of the pioneering women writers of speculative fiction, and the appearance of fantasy’s landmark female hero: Jirel of Joiry. With her red hair flowing, her yellow eyes glinting like embers, and her face streaked with blood, Jirel is strong, fearless, and driven by honor. Her legendary debut, Black God’s Kiss, begins as her castle, Joiry, is overrun by invaders, but knowing that this is one battle she cannot fight, she summons her courage and cunning and descends into the castle’s hidden reaches, where she crosses through a doorway into Hell itself…Jirel of Joiry collects the classic tales of blood and vengeance that secured C.L. Moore’s place among legendary authors of sword and sorcery like Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Originally published in the magazine Weird Tales, Moore’s fantastic tales of warriors, gods, and magic are defined by a fierce, romantic vision that helped define the genre, earning her the title of Grand Master for lifetime achievement by the World Fantasy Convention.Includes “Black God’s Kiss,” “Black God’s Shadow,” “Jirel Meets Magic,” “The Dark Land,” and “Hellsgarde.”“One of the best authors of her era.... The stories are engaging and well written, and the central character, who is headstrong and passionate, is more than compelling…. Fans of eldritch horror and sinister gods…will find much to enjoy here.”—Alan Brown,
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  • Tales of the Unexpected - cover

    Tales of the Unexpected

    Saki Saki

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    Master storyteller H.H. Munro—             better known by the pen name “             Saki”             —             is famous for his witty, mischievous, and macabre stories of suspense. Saki specialized in impudent practical jokes, devilish trickery, and incredible yarns, and his writing became popular in the early 1900s for its witty and satirical look at the pretensions and ignorance of bourgeois English society. From the eerie yet humorous “             Gabriel Ernest”              to the downright chilling “             The Interlopers,”              this brilliant collection of tales—             read by multiple award-winning British actor, Sir Derek Jacobi—             will succeed in bringing both chills and laughs to listeners of all ages.
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