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The Quest for Balance - in the Spirit of Ethical Horsemanship - cover

The Quest for Balance - in the Spirit of Ethical Horsemanship

Christoph Ackermann

Publisher: Crystal Verlag

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In harmony and balance with the horse – this is every rider's dream. Physical and mental balance are the fundamental prerequisites for a sound partnership of animal and human on any equestrian level.
There is, however, also the opposite: Why do we see so many beautiless images of animals in Rollkur and with unclean gaits? Voices criticizing today's equestrian sport and training methods geared toward quick successes are getting increasingly loud. Is this criticism justifi ed? How can we turn the tide in the horse's favor?
Let us start with ourselves! Christoph Ackermann explains how we can bring any horse – healthily and happily – to its respective top performance by schooling the correct balance, handling the horse with affection, and applying consistent, systematic training according to the Training Scale.
Christoph Ackermann himself actively competes in equestrian sports. In this book, he presents a courageous and searingly honest critique of the established way the sport operates, which will give any horse lover food for thought.
Available since: 05/25/2022.
Print length: 142 pages.

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    An Author's Republic audio production.
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    Inside this audiobook, Motocross: The Ultimate Guide to the Extreme Sport of Motocross Racing, you will be able to get an overview of what the sport is all about, along with safety tips and other advice, all contained in chapters that cover:
    Your complete riding gear
    Essential tips in setting up your bike
    Your riding style in different road conditions
    Riding with the right body position
    The art of braking smoothly
    Easy ways in handling acceleration
    Be careful with cornering
    Passing skills every biker must possess
    With this knowledge, you will be better placed than ever to decide whether you want to take the next step into an exhilarating sport that has captivated countless numbers and continues to draw many more to its races every week.
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