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Earth Boy - cover

Earth Boy

Bill Thompson

Publisher: The Conrad Press

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In this unforgettable book, Billy Thompson shares the story of a life driven by compassion and care for all creatures. Having had an affinity for animals his entire life, Billy has found that animals needing help have somehow found him over the years – beginning with feral cats, unwanted dogs and even a pony brought to safety on a bus. 

While working in many different jobs, Billy continued to rescue animals in need, from the domestic to the exotic, his rescue efforts taking him all over the world. This book tells some of those hundreds of stories, including tricky situations, unlikely friendships and many, many rescues, all driven by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Above all, this is a story about how, whoever you are and whatever you are doing, you can always help an animal in need.

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  • Alexander Hamilton - cover

    Alexander Hamilton

    Charles A. Conant

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    Alexander Hamilton was a significant figure in the political and economic development of the early United States. He served in the American Revolutionary War and became an aide to General George Washington. He was one of the authors (along with John Jay and James Madison) of a series of essays know as The Federalist Papers, which were written in support of the ratification of the proposed Constitution. Scholars and others still refer to these essays to this day for interpretation of the Constitution. As the first Secretary of the Treasury in George Washington’s Cabinet, Hamilton was a proponent of a strong centralized government. Hamilton pursued many actions (some controversial) in an attempt to provide financial stability for the new government, including the establishment of the U.S. Mint and a National Bank. Ironically, he may most often be remembered for the infamous pistol duel with Aaron Burr that resulted in Hamilton’s death. (Summary by lubee930)
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  • John Kennedy - A Political Profile - cover

    John Kennedy - A Political Profile

    James MacGregor Burns

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    The authorized biography of John F. Kennedy offers a fresh and candid look at what shaped the man America came to love and admire, just as he was on the cusp of the presidency Historian, political scientist, and Pulitzer Prize–winning author James MacGregor Burns wrote Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, the first volume of his highly acclaimed biography of FDR, in 1956. Two years later, Burns ran for a seat in Congress and became close friends with John F. Kennedy, who was also campaigning throughout the state for reelection to the Senate. After Burns lost his election, he decided to write a biography of JFK. Without any restrictions, Kennedy granted his friend complete access to files, family records, and personal correspondence. The two men spoke at great length in Washington, DC, and at the Kennedy family compound on Cape Cod, and afterwards, Kennedy asked his relatives, friends, and political colleagues to talk openly with Burns as well. The result is a frank, incisive, and compelling portrait of Kennedy from his youth to his service in World War II and his time in Congress. While many political biographies—especially those of presidential candidates—intend to depict a certain persona, Burns would not allow anything other than his own perception to influence him. And so, John Kennedy concludes questioning whether JFK would make “a commitment not only of mind, but of heart” to the great challenges that lay ahead. (Burns would later admit that his subject did bring both bravery and wisdom to his presidency.) First published just as Kennedy was coming into the national spotlight, this biography gives a straightforward and exciting portrayal of one of the twentieth century’s most important figures.
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    Zane Grey

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    Though he made his name and fortune as an author of Western novels, Zane Grey’s best writing has to do with fishing. There, he was free from the conventions of the Western genre and the market’s expectations, and was able to blend his talent for narrative with his keen eye for detail and sense of humor (much of it self-deprecating) into his books and articles. This book is a selection of some of Grey’s best work; the stories and excerpts revealing a man who understood that angling is more than an activity, that it is a way of seeing, a way of being more fully a part of the natural world.
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  • Passing Strange - A Gilded Age Tale of Love and Deception Across the Color Line - cover

    Passing Strange - A Gilded Age...

    Martha A. Sandweiss

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    Clarence King is a hero of nineteenth-century western history. Brilliant scientist and witty conversationalist, bestselling author and architect of the great surveys that mapped the West after the Civil War, King was named by John Hay "the best and brightest of his generation." But King hid a secret from his Gilded Age cohorts and prominent family in Newport: for thirteen years he lived a double life-as the celebrated white explorer, geologist, and writer Clarence King and as a black Pullman porter and steelworker named James Todd. The fair, blue-eyed son of a wealthy China trader passed across the color line, revealing his secret to his black common-law wife, Ada King, only on his deathbed.Martha A. Sandweiss, a noted historian of the American West, is the first writer to uncover the life that King tried so hard to conceal from the public eye. She reveals the complexity of a man who while publicly espousing a personal dream of a uniquely American "race," an amalgam of white and black, hid his love for his wife and their five biracial children. Passing Strange tells the dramatic tale of a family built along the fault lines of celebrity, class, and race-from the "Todd's" wedding in 1888 to the 1964 death of Ada, one of the last surviving Americans born into slavery, and finally to the legacy inherited by Clarence King's granddaughter, who married a white man and adopted a white child in order to spare her family the legacies of racism.A remarkable feat of research and reporting spanning the Civil War to the civil rights era, Passing Strange tells a uniquely American story of self-invention, love, deception, and race.
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    The Goop Directory

    Frank Gelett Burgess

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    In this DIRECTORY you'll see just what you never ought to be; and so, it should direct your way to Good Behavior, every day. The children of whose faults I tell are known by other names, as well, so see that you aren't in this group of Naughty Ones. Don't be a Goop!(The author's introduction)
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  • The Life of William McKinley & The Story of His Assassination (Illustrated Edition) - An Authentic and Official Memorial Edition Containing Every Incident in the Career of the Immortal Statesman Soldier Orator and Patriot - cover

    The Life of William McKinley &...

    Marshall Everett

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    This book gives us the vivid insight into the incredible life and achievements of President McKinley, not to focus solely on his tragic death. The author nevertheless describes in graphic words the assassination. It is a word picture that will linger forever in the memory of every reader, calling forth sympathy and patriotism on behalf of the martyr President and undying contempt and horror of the assassin and the foul and cowardly thing called anarchy. Every detail of that now historic scene is told so vividly that the reader sees it as if he were an eye-witness. 
    The Assassination of President McKinley
    President McKinley's Fight for Life
    Deathbed Scene of President McKinley
    The Story of the Assassin
    Emma Goldman, Woman Leader of Anarchists
    Anarchism and Its Objects
    Scenes at Buffalo Following the Assassination
    Days of Anxiety and Sorrow
    President McKinley's Last Speech
    William McKinley's Boyhood
    McKinley as a Soldier in the Civil War
    McKinley in Congress
    McKinley's Life Was Protection's Era
    McKinley as Governor of Ohio
    McKinley as a Campaigner
    Governor McKinley's Financial Troubles
    McKinley's Loyalty to Sherman, Blaine and Harrison
    First Nomination for President
    The Great Campaign of 1896
    The Spanish War Cloud
    McKinley's Own Story of the Spanish-American War
    McKinley and Expansion
    Second Presidential Nomination and Election of McKinley 
    President McKinley and the Chinese Crisis
    McKinley: Builder of a World Power
    Private Life of William McKinley 
    McKinley's Eulogy of Lincoln
    President Roosevelt Takes the Oath of Office
    Great Events of the World During President McKinley's Administration
    The Funeral Service at Buffalo
    Lying in State at Buffalo
    The Funeral Train to Washington
    The Last Night in the White House
    Funeral Services and Procession at Washington
    Lying in State at the Capitol
    The Assassin Arraigned
    The Sad Journey to Canton
    Canton Bathed in Tears
    Funeral Services in All Churches
    Canton's Farewell to McKinley
    McKinley Laid at Rest
    Nation Observes Burial Day
    Assassinations of Lincoln & Garfield
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