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Touchpad Prime Ver 21 Class 3 - cover

Touchpad Prime Ver 21 Class 3

Bhawna Sharma

Publisher: Orange Education Pvt Ltd

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Computer Science Textbook Designed for Joyful Learning 

- National Education Policy 2020 
- QR Code: Scan the QR Code given on each chapter to start chapter animation. 
- Fun Fact!: This presents a fact about the topic. 
- Computer Ethics: This section describes the best computer practices to develop conscious thinking. 
- Group Task: This section focuses on peer learning to improve coordination. 
- Soft Hint: This section provides technology specific knowledge to students, keeping them up to date. 
- Digital Resources 

Touchpad Prime (Version 2.1) is based on Windows 10 and MS Office 2016. The books have been designed in such a way that teachers can use them as tools to integrate computer science with other subjects and skills. The chapters introduce the concepts in a simple and easy to understand language that helps the students to learn the concepts easily. 

The content has been developed using a conversational style for the young generation to make it an interesting read. There are three characters found in the chapters discussing various topics to make the learning process more interactive for the student. 

In order to emphasize on the use of concepts in this book, "Mind Drill" has been added to challenge students and encourage learning. Mind drill contains different sections to engage the students in meaningful learning process, such as Rapid Fire, Evaluation Time, Activity Time, Hands-On, Find Out, Group Task and In the Lab. This book also incorporates elements like Warm Up, Fun Fact, Soft Hint, Word Bank, Let’s Revisit, Computer Ethics as important tools to enhance teaching-learning process. 

You will learn about: 
- Fundamentals of computers 
- ICT Tools 
- Computational Thinking 
- Hardware & Software 
- Paint 
- Exploring Windows 10 
- Word 2016 Introduction 
- Stepwise Thinking 
- Scratch Programming 
- Internet 

Grade - 3 

1. Discover Computers 
2. Hardware and Software 
3. Exploring the World of Windows 10 
4. Fun with Paint 
5. Introduction to Word 2016 
6. Stepwise Thinking & Scratch Programming 
7. Internet 
8. Project 
9. OGO Cyber Sample Questions
Available since: 11/20/2021.

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