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The Girl on the Stairs - The Search for a Missing Witness to the JFK Assassination - cover

The Girl on the Stairs - The Search for a Missing Witness to the JFK Assassination

Barry Ernest

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

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One man’s quest to investigate a dismissed eyewitness account of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 
Victoria Elizabeth Adams worked on the fourth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in 1963. She was on the back staircase of the building at the precise moment that Lee Harvey Oswald—according to the Warren Commission’s account—was making his escape. Yet, Adams saw and heard no one. 
This is the story—both frightening and fascinating—about a journey to seek the truth in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. After a three-decade quest and an array of obstacles, investigative journalist Barry Ernest brings the full account of the girl on the stairs to life. 
Ernest, a frequent lecturer on the topic of the Kennedy assassination, won the 2011 Mary Ferrell Pioneer Award, a national honor presented for a lifetime of searching for the truth. 
David S. Lifton, author of the New York Times bestseller Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, provides a foreword to this intriguing saga. 
Praise for The Girl on the Stairs 
“Beautifully paced writing takes the reader along as Ernst searches for crucial information. . . . Highly recommended.” —Debra Conway, president, JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc. 
“Ernest demonstrates there are still important lessons to learned and good historical research to be done.” —Larry Hancock, author of Someone Would Have Talked: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 
“Brilliant, utterly compelling, very, very dark, and deeply troubling.” —Dr. Stephen Dorril, author of MI6:Fifty Years of Special Operations 
“Deserves space on the shelf of every Kennedy assassination buff in the country.” —Maj. Glenn MacDonald, Military Corruption 
“Totally engrossing and fascinating.” —Terry West, WAXX FM
Available since: 04/02/2013.
Print length: 336 pages.

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