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Schumann's Virtuosity - Criticism Composition and Performance in Nineteenth-Century Germany - cover

Schumann's Virtuosity - Criticism Composition and Performance in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Alexander Stefaniak

Publisher: Indiana University Press

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“A valuable resource for musicologists, theorists, pianists, and aestheticians interested in reading about Schumann’s views on virtuosity.” —Notes 
Considered one of the greatest composers—and music critics—of the Romantic era, Robert Schumann (1810–1856) played an important role in shaping nineteenth-century German ideas about virtuosity. Forging his career in the decades that saw abundant public fascination with the feats and creations of virtuosos (Liszt, Paganini, and Chopin among others), Schumann engaged with instrumental virtuosity through not only his compositions and performances but also his music reviews and writings about his contemporaries. 
Ultimately, the discourse of virtuosity influenced the culture of Western “art music” well beyond the nineteenth century and into the present day. By examining previously unexplored archival sources, Alexander Stefaniak looks at the diverse approaches to virtuosity Schumann developed over the course of his career, revealing several distinct currents in nineteenth-century German virtuosity and the enduring flexibility of virtuosity discourse.
Available since: 09/19/2016.
Print length: 303 pages.

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    Finnish mythology is filled with stories from northern gods and goddesses, magical animals and feisty forest spirits. Finland was an agricultural society for hundreds of years and before that the inhabitants were hunter-gatherers. Our mythology and folktales are intertwined with the surrounding nature, clear lakes, northern lights and the forest, which was the home of all kinds of mysterious events. In this book you will become familiar with old Finnish gods and goddesses and ancient festivals. We will go through different deities that represent different seasons. All of these gods and goddesses have different messages for us and they can teach us valuable lessons, about ourselves, nature around us, and the universse.   
    Summer Solstice was the time to honor the thunder god Ukko, who brought the rain and life with him. This was the time to party and be merry. All kinds of spells and magic was performed during this magical day. The biggest festival of the year, however was the harvest festival Kekri. This was the time when the spirits and ghosts wondered among the living. Ancestors were remembered and they were invited to join the festivities. Many of the modern Finnish Christmas traditions, are in fact, based on the old Kekri celebration. In March when the earth woke up from it's sleep, the goddess Akka was celebrated. Spring equanox was known as matopäivä the day of the snakes. During this day, snakes woke up from hibernation and they danced to honor the earth goddess. 
    This book is perfect for anyone who is fascinated by history, folklore and old European cultures and anyone who is interested in magic, myth and lore. You will learn about ancient customs and traditions and how you can implement these teachings in your personal life. 
    Niina is a folklorist and mythology researcher. She has created multiple courses on her native Finnish folklore. 
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  • Woman Who Changed her Brain - And Other Inspiring Stories of Pioneering Brain Transformation - cover

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    Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

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    “A Revolutionary Approach to Learning Disabilities”This is the story and work of a remarkable woman. Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with severe learning disabilities. Undaunted, she used her strengths to develop brain exercises to overcome her neurological deficits. Not only did she build herself a better brain, she developed a brain training program that has helped thousands of others do the same and changed countless lives. Young’s work is one of the first examples of the extensive and practical application of “neuroplasticity.” As the individuals described in this book change their brains, readers see how the brain works and what a profound impact improved mental capacity has on how we can participate in the world. Here her personal story is interwoven with fascinating accounts of the clinical mysteries and triumphant stories that Barbara has encountered during her career.
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