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Amber's Story - cover

Amber's Story

A.J. Smith

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

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Amber should have had a perfect life. In school, she was smart and popular. She married her high school sweetheart. Now, twelve years later, she is divorced and starting over. With help from her best friend Kelly, Amber gets a second chance to learn about friendships, love, and sexÉall the things that make life special. With Kelly helping expand her sexual knowledge, itÕs not long before Amber is shaving down below and sporting a little, yellow rose tattoo on her butt. Amber gets her first vibrator and becomes proficient at masturbating to her nasty, kinky erotic fantasies. Amber and Kelly take a week vacation to an erotic, all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, where Amber is introduced to nudity, public sex, flogging, group sex, and bisexuality, as Amber and Kelly become tongue to pussy close. They never expected this All Inclusive part to include so much sex! Back in California, Amber meets Matt, a handsome firefighter. What she likes the handsome part, her firefighter grandpa died at a fire when she was young. Though she doesnÕt want to get involved with Matt, he does intrigue her. Plus their dates and trips with Matt are terrific, romantic, and sexual. Whiles she tries to keep her relationship with Matt strictly fun and games, her growing feelings for him push her into a seemingly no win situationÉmove in with him or cool their relationship.

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    The Business

    Keira Covert

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    When Jess gets off the plane after a teaching job Guatemala, she only has one thought on her mind as she lands in New York City: Alex.Jess lives in London and Alex lives in the big apple, but long distance isn’t going to get in their way. Between Alex’s work trips to the UK and Jess’s frequent visits, they have been able to make it work. When they get together after such long breaks apart, though, the explosive chemistry of their reunion can be heard not only in the next apartment, but probably the entire building as well. The two simply cannot get enough of each other.Long distance is never easy, but Alex and Jess seem meant for each other. No one has ever made Jess happier than Alex and the sex has never been better. They literally cannot keep their hands off each other. The time they spend apart makes their reunions that much hotter. But once they decide to take their relationship to the next level, and move in together, things aren’t quite as easy as they were before.Suddenly it’s no more hot reunions, there’s more emotion and struggle, and Alex and Jess have to fight to prove they can overcome the odds and make it. Ex-girlfriends resurface, as well as old boyfriends, and the two women begin to wonder if long distance was better or if they can carve out a happy existence together, sexier and more adventurous than ever before. Both women must learn to make sacrifices for the one they love and decide if living together can bring them closer or push them further apart.
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  • Snowed In - A Reverse Harem Romance - cover

    Snowed In - A Reverse Harem Romance

    Krista Wolf

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    It was supposed to be fun—a holiday break from studies in the Italian Alps. Yet when a remote college ski tour is shattered by a horrific avalanche, mild-mannered Morgan finds herself trapped in the frozen realm of an abandoned hotel . . . alongside three alpha fraternity brothers who hold a vendetta against each other. 
    Enter Shane, the restless, brooding outdoorsman from Minnesota. Jeremy, his blue-eyed model of a fraternity brother, almost too gorgeous to look at. And finally Boone, the legendary tattooed alpha from a much darker inner circle . . . who might not be even remotely what he seems. 
    As the snows continue to fall and danger lurks around every corner, survival depends upon complete cooperation. Yet as Morgan is forced out of her shell, and faces her own budding attraction for exactly the type of men she's always avoided? Their own competitive jealousy over winning her drives them to a wickedly intriguing proposition . . . 
    Contains mature themes.
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  • Feral: Torment - Feral Book 3 - cover

    Feral: Torment - Feral Book 3

    Nora Ash

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    He sacrificed everything for me. 
    The beast who took me against my will and tied my soul to his so tightly I can no longer breathe without him. 
    He sacrificed his freedom. His life. 
    For me. 
    They say love will make you do anything, give anything. 
    But what’s between him and I - it isn’t love. It’s a bond. 
    And my destruction. 
    Torment is the third and final book in Nora Ash’s suspense-filled Omegaverse serial, Feral.  
    Please note: This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alphas rough & dominant, give this book a pass.
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  • Justine: Volume 1 - cover

    Justine: Volume 1

    Marquis de Sade

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    The Marquis De Sade completed the first draft of Justine Volume 1, a powerful and compelling descent into the realms of sexual perversity and sado masochism, during two weeks in 1787 while a prisoner in the Bastille.Sexual degradation, humiliation and erotic pain are eloquently and openly explored in a novel that was to become the most famous and infamous of all de Sade's work.Despite six reprints the book's candor and sexual explicitness outraged the French establishment so much so that both de Sade and his publisher were arrested and instructed to relinquish any further copies and manuscripts in their possession. Today Justine Volume 1 remains a quintessential chronicle of unspeakable carnal desires.This production is read by Susan Penhaligon who will be very familiar for her television work amongst which 'Casualty', 'Upstairs Downstairs', and 'Bergerac' take their place alongside her ground breaking role in 'Bouquet of Barbed Wire'.
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  • 14 Steamy Lesbian Sex Stories - Doctor Sex Teacher Sex College Girls BDSM Spanking Coming Out and Lesbian First Time sex - cover

    14 Steamy Lesbian Sex Stories -...

    Laura Vixen

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    In this hot explicit bundle filled with lusty lesbians, you’ll find Doctor Sex, Teacher Sex, College Girls, BDSM, Spanking, Coming Out and Lesbian First Time sex and more.  
    All those FORBIDDEN thoughts you have are just waiting to be explored. So don't hold back. 
    Audiobooks included are: 
    Spanked by the Boss - Lesbian BDSM Erotica 
    Lesbian First Time - Her First Lesbian Lover 
    Lesbian Teacher Sex - Seduced in the Shower 
    Sex Show at the Campsite 
    Bought by a Billionaire 
    Maid for Punishment - Lesbian BDSM Erotica 
    Dominated by the Hotel Maid - Lesbian BDSM Erotica 
    Game, Set and Snatch 
    Using the Naive Doctor: Lesbian Doctor Sex 
    Sweet College Girls - First time lesbian sex 
    Stripped, Blindfolded and Cuffed - Lesbian BDSM Erotica 
    Examined by the Doctor 
    Used as a Bondage Slut 
    Coming Out to her Boss - Lesbian First Time 
    These stories are a work of fiction and contain sex scenes and are suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are over 18 years old.  
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  • Crusader - Impossible Book 9 - cover

    Crusader - Impossible Book 9

    Julia Sykes

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    A standalone romantic suspense novel in the USA Today Best-selling "Impossible" series
    I need redemption. I need vengeance. Dimitri Abramovich has to pay for what he did to me.
    I've tracked him to London, and I'm close to taking him out. If he doesn't take me first. We're engaged in a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm the mouse.
    When my quest for revenge causes me to cross paths with sexy MI5 agent Hugh Sullivan, I have no choice but to seduce him to keep him blind to my mission. But I can't keep my operation secret forever, and he won't stand for my reckless vigilante methods. If I want to stay on the case, he demands my complete honesty...and my obedience.
    Note: While Crusader is book nine in the Impossible Series, it can be listened to as a standalone romantic suspense novel.An Insatiable Press audio production.
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