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Silenced Witness

Larry A. Winters

False Justice

Larry A. Winters

Fatal Defense

Larry A. Winters


JA Armstrong

Exquisite Corpse

Cassandra Khaw, Paul Cornell, Brian Keene

In Universes - A Novel

Emet North

The 24 7 of A Russian Named Ruskov

Jody J. Sperling

Stiletto - A Novel

Brenda Peterson

Secrets of the Penthouse Suite

R.R. Nastasi

Chronic Pain Reset - 30 Days of Activities Practices and Skills to Help You Thrive

Afton L. Hassett PsyD, Barbara L. Fredrickson

Take a Chance on Love - Book 4

Virginia'dele Smith

Stay - A Love Story

Tracy Ewens

All That is Sacred

Donna Norman-Carbone

Three Times to Make Sure - Book 3

Virginia'dele Smith

Terrace Story - A Novel

Hilary Leichter

Ladies' Day

Lisa Williams Kline

The 8 Ball Magic of Suzie Q

Jody J. Sperling

The 9 Lives of of Marva DeLonghi

Jody J. Sperling

In the Trenches - Book 2

Virginia'dele Smith


Tracy Ewens


Tracy Ewens


Tracy Ewens

Grocery Girl - Book 1

Virginia'dele Smith

Heretic - A Memoir

Jeanna Kadlec

A Woman Is a Woman Until She Is a Mother - Essays

Anna Prushinskaya

The Child Riddler

Angela Greenman

Before The Big Bang - The Origin of Our Universe from the Multiverse

Laura Mersini-Houghton

Leading Lightly - Lower Your Stress Think with Clarity and Lead with Ease

Jody Michael

Radium Girls The: Young Readers' Edition - The Scary but True Story of the Poison that Made People Glow in the Dark

Kate Moore

How Can I Forgive You? - The Courage to Forgive the Freedom Not To Updated Edition

Janis A. Spring PhD, Michael Spring