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The Art of War

Sun Tzu, Stefan Rudnicki, B.D. Wong

Chokepoint Capitalism - How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Creative Labor Markets and How We'll Win Them Back

Rebecca Giblin, Cory Doctorow

Eternity's End - A Novel of the Star Rigger Universe

Jeffrey A. Carver

Crucible of Time - Part Two of the "Out of Time" Sequence

Jeffrey A. Carver

The Reefs of Time - Part One of the "Out of Time" Sequence

Jeffrey A. Carver

Healing the Heart of Democracy - The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit

Parker J. Palmer

Black Sam: Prince of Pirates

James Lewis


Jeffrey A. Carver


A.J. Scudiere

God's Eye

A.J. Scudiere

The Infinite Sea

Jeffrey A. Carver

Strange Attractors

Jeffrey A. Carver

Masque of the Red Death - A Radicalized Novella

Cory Doctorow

Four Soldiers - A Novel

Hubert Mingarelli

At the Heart of the Reich - The Secret Diary of Hitler's Army Adjutant

Gerhard Engel

The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination - Original Short Fiction for the Modern Evil Genius

John Joseph Adams

My Life in Politics

Jacques Chirac

Shadows in Flight

Orson Scott Card

The Sacred Acre - The Ed Thomas Story

Mark Tabb

Verily Verily - The KJV - 400 Years of Influence and Beauty

Jon Sweeney

What Is God Really Like?

Craig Groeschel

Keeper of Dreams Volume 1 - Atlantis and Other Stories

Orson Scott Card

A War of Gifts - An Ender Story

Orson Scott Card

Eye for Eye

Orson Card

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Jean Leloup, Jean-Yves Leloup, Jacob Needleman

First Meetings - In Ender's Universe

Orson Scott Card

The Story of Light

Ben Bova

Darwin's Radio

Greg Bear

The Libido Breakthrough - A Doctor's Guide to Restoring Sexual Vigor and Peak Health

Stuart Fine, Brenda D Adderly

The Warren Buffett Portfolio - Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy

Robert Hagstrom