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Closer to You

Sheryl Lister

Daisy's Decision

Ruby Dixon

You're The One That I Want


Completely Stuffed


My Soul's Reflection


A Little Stuffing


Matchmaking in Progress

Allyson Lindt

Sam’s Secret

Ruby Dixon

Ounce of Decorum An


Words with Friends


Steph’s Outcast

Ruby Dixon

Slipped up in Love


Body Language - Writers on Identity Physicality and Making Space for Ourselves

Nicole Chung, Matt Ortile

Home Bound - An Uprooted Daughter's Reflections on Belonging

Vanessa A. Bee

Summer Sweat

Daryl Banner

Throne of a Pharaoh

Sherelle Green

Meant for your Love


Jedidiah's Crowning Glory

Sherelle Green

Love Always Tristan

Sherelle Green

The Rancher Returns

Brenda Jackson

The US Army's First Last and Only All-Black Rangers - The 2nd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) in the Korean War 1950-1951

Ret.) Edward L. Posey (Master Sergeant

Summer Drifter

RJ Scott

Danger Zone

Fiona Quinn

Winter Cowboy

RJ Scott

After the Lights Go Out

John Vercher

Trident Security Series Field Manual - Boxed Set

Samantha A. Cole

Awop Bop Aloo Mop - Little Richard: A Life of Sex Drugs Rock & Rolland Religion

Tina Andrews

This Life - A Novel

Quntos KunQuest, Zachary Lazar

Code Name: Revenge

Sawyer Bennett

Deep 2 - A Paranormal Novel