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Empower Your Momentum - Develop a Rapid Action Mindset to Streamline Your Potential Get Massive Results and Stay Disciplined Towards Your Goals!

Scott Allan

The Business End of FPGAs - Accessing FPGA Talent

Jesse Beeson


M.M. Wakeford

Fearful Avoidant Attachment - Managing Hot Cold Behaviours Improving Emotional Intimacy Issues and Building Deep Connections with Your Partner

Vincenzo Venezia

Master Your Emotions & Self-Discipline - How to Improve Your Social Skills and Develop Emotional Intelligence Mental Toughness and Self - Confidence to Overcome Stress Anxiety and Achieve Your Goals

Scott Habits

Subliminal Psychology - Dark Unethical Techniques for Penetrating Someone's Mind to Influence their Behaviour and Actions

Christopher Kingler

Empower Your Best Habits - Optimize Your Performance and Cultivate Better Habits in Your Life Work and Relationships

Scott Allan

Dark Psychology and Manipulation - Are people with dark personality traits more likely to succeed? Understanding the Tactics & Schemes of Mind Control Brainwashing NPL Persuasion Hypnosis and Deception

Christopher Kingler

The Art of Psychological Warfare - Discover How to Defend Yourself from Mental Manipulation and Learn Dark Techniques to Mislead Intimidate Demoralise and Influence the Thinking or Behaviour of Your Enemies

Christopher Kingler

Codependency - Why do you attract unhealthy people? No more falling into toxic relationships Break the suffering cycle and learn how to love again

David Lawson PhD

Avoidant Attachment - Why is your partner cold and detached in your relationship? Improve intimacy emotional connection and understand why your dismissive partner behaves the way they do

David Lawson PhD

Insecure Attachment - Anxious or Avoiding in Love? How Attachment Styles Help or Hurt your Relationships Learn to form secure emotional connections

David Lawson PhD

CBT Workbook for Teens - Essential Coping Skills and Self-Help Activities to Overcome Anxiety and Stress Conquer Negative Thinking and Successfully Manage Social Anxiety and Shyness

David Lawson PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Basic and advanced CBT techniques to manage anxiety depression and panic attacks

David Lawson PhD

Borderline Mother - Understanding the truth and the methods of healing the unique wounds inflicted from infancy to adulthood

David Lawson PhD

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - How to get out of the ‘worry trap’ using ACT A simple guide to relieve stress and overcome fear Start living an easy carefree life

David Lawson PhD

Borderline Personality Disorder - The hidden faces of BPD that you need to spot How to manage out of control emotions before they destroy your relationship

David Lawson PhD

Empower Your Confidence - Silence Your Inner Critic Free Up Your Mind from Obsessive Worry and Uncertainty and Be Your Best at All Times

Scott Allan

Masculine Meditations - Your Future Girlfriend Wants a Spiritual Badass (The Unconventional Dating Guide for Introverted Men)

Henrik Jensen

Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven - Journey of a Promise Completed

Deborah Bouchard

Built For Stealth - Key Principles for Building a Great Life

Scott Allan

Supercharge Your Best Life - Optimal Peak Performance Strategies for Relentless Growth and Building a Bulletproof Lifestyle

Scott Allan

Maximum Results - Unlock Your Hidden Abilities Overcome Your Past Break Mental Barriers And Get What You Want in Life

Yugesh Mandvikar

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - A Simple Guide to the Skills and Secrets to Help You Overcome Addiction Manage Anxiety and Depression and Achieve a Positive Mindset Full Of Self-Esteem

James Jones

The Top Twenty Books and Documentaries Black Folks Must Study

Xavier James

Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed - 20 powerful techniques to never lose an argument again with real-life examples A Life Skill for everyone

Vishal Gupta

The Science of Mind - A Complete Course of Lessons in the Science of Mind and Spirit

Ernest S. Holmes

Publish Your Knowledge - The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding a Nonfiction Book on Kickstarter and Self-Publishing through Amazon

Vilius Stanislovaitis

The Timeless Investment Strategy

Bill Grand

Deep Learning - A Comprehensive Guide to Python Coding and Programming Machine Learning and Neural Networks for Data Analysis

Anthony Adams