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Destruction of Justice

Lawrence Davis

Accepted! - Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World's Top Universities

Jamie Beaton

Relatively Familiar - Accidental Familiar 2

Belinda White

The Prometheus Project

Steve White

Swordsman of the Rift - Swordsman of the Rift Book 1

Brandon Varnell

Dragons Suck

Benjamin Gamble

The Girl in the Picture

Alexandra Monir

Tales of Folk & Fey - A Wicked Lovely Collection

Melissa Marr

Where Hope Remains - A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

Nick Oetken

Chasing The Blue Sky - Behind Every Pair Of Eyes Is A Story

Will Lowrey


Serena Akeroyd

Spring's Storm - Clean Wholesome Mystery and Romance

Lyn Cote

Triumph - The TriAlpha Chronicles Book 4

Serena Akeroyd

Summer's End - Northern Intrigue Book 3

Lyn Cote

Triad - The TriAlpha Chronicles

Serena Akeroyd

Autumn's Shadow - Some Shadows Are Hard To Shake

Lyn Cote

Triskele - TriAlpha Chronicles

Serena Akeroyd

Winter's Secret - Some Secrets Chill to the Bone

Lyn Cote

Can't Text This - One night with his python wasn't enough

Teagan Hunter


Jo Walton

Brutal Curse - hearts are beastly things

Casey L. Bond

Ripped Tide

Lance Carney


Serena Akeroyd

The Legend of Earth - The Human Chronicles Saga #5

T.R. Harris


Casey L. Bond

The Immortal Vow - Rite of the Vampire Saga Book 3

Juliana Haygert

The Tactics of Revenge

T.R. Harris


Melissa Jane

Things to Do When You're Goth in the Country - And Other Stories

Chavisa Woods

The Witch Queen - Rite of the Vampire Saga Book 2

Juliana Haygert