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The Prisoner

Kiersten Modglin

Stealing Rembrandts - The Untold Stories of Notorious Art Heists

Anthony M. Amore, Tom Mashberg

Making The Drop

A.J. Stewart

The Art of Brevity - Crafting the Very Short Story

Grant Faulkner, Megan Giddings

The Forger’s Spell - A True Story of Vermeer Nazis and the Greatest Art Hoax of the Twentieth Century

Edward Dolnick


S.E. Smith


S.E. Smith

The Portraitist - Frans Hals and His World

Steven M. Nadler

Capture of the Defiance

S.E. Smith

Outer Sunset

Mark Ernest Pothier

Dark All Day

Brenden Carlson

Cold Peace - Avoiding the New Cold War

Michael W. Doyle

Rewire Your Brain 20 - Five Healthy Factors to a Better Life 2nd Edition

ABPP John B. Arden PhD

The Southernization of America - A Story of Democracy in the Balance

Frye Gaillard, Cynthia Tucker

North of America - Loyalists Indigenous Nations and the Borders of the Long American Revolution

Jeffers Lennox

Below The Belt

A.J. Stewart


Scott Britz-Cunningham

Cinema's Original Sin - DW Griffith American Racism and the Rise of Film Culture

Paul McEwan

Shadows of Love Shadows of Loneliness - Volume Two: Prints Paintings Drawings Sketchbooks 1985-2020

William T. Vollmann

To Get to the Other Side

Kelly Ohlert

Redesigning Capex Strategy - A Groundbreaking Systems Approach to Sustainably Maximize Company Cash Flow

Fredrik Weissenrieder, Daniel Lindén


Lydia Millet

No Right Turn

A.J. Stewart

America's Forgotten Terrorists - The Rise and Fall of the Galleanists

Jeffrey D. Simon

Washington's Heir - The Life of Justice Bushrod Washington

Gerard N. Magliocca

Devil's Backbone

A.J. Stewart

Shadows of Love Shadows of Loneliness - Volume One: Photographs: 1980-2020

William T. Vollmann

Ludwig van Beethoven - A Very Short Introduction

Mark Evan Bonds

The Temps

Andrew DeYoung

There Is Life After the Nobel Prize

Eric R. Kandel