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Normandy - A Naval History of D-Day and the Battle for France

Nick Hewitt

Revolution and Terror

Graeme Gill

Facing Armageddon - With the RAF on Christmas Island 1961-1962

Chas Hall

Hitler's Panzer Generals - Guderian Hoepner Reinhardt and Schmidt Unguarded

David Stahel

The Virgin and the Whale - A Love Story

Carl Nixon

The Shortest History of India - From the World's Oldest Civilization to Its Largest Democracy—A Retelling for Our Times

John Zubrzycki

Korea - A New History of South and North

Victor Cha, Ramon Pacheco Pardo

The Brompton - Engineering for Change

William Butler-Adams, Dan Davies

The Little Book of World Religions

Ross Dickinson

Adam Smith - A Very Short Introduction

Christopher J. Berry

Dunkirk - The Epic Story of History's Most Extraordinary Evacuation

John Harriss

Crassus - The First Tycoon

Peter Stothard

Smart Pop Explains Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movies

The Editors of Smart Pop

Cities that Shaped the Ancient World

John Julius Norwich


Ben Oliver

Ukraine and the Art of Strategy

Lawrence Freedman

The Voices of Martyrs

Maurice Broaddus

The Most Human Right - Why Free Speech is Everything

Eric Heinze


Caryl Lewis

The Radical Potter - The Life and Times of Josiah Wedgwood

Tristram Hunt

No Domain - The John McAfee Tapes

Mark Eglinton

Hume - A Very Short Introduction

James A. Harris

Albemarle Street - Portraits Personalities and Presentations at The Royal Institution

John Meurig Thomas

The Devil in the Gallery - How Scandal Shock and Rivalry Shaped the Art World

Noah Charney

The Escape of Jack the Ripper - The Truth About the Cover-up and His Flight from Justice

Jonathan Hainsworth, Christine Ward-Agius

Capitalism - A Very Short Introduction 2nd edition

James Fulcher

Flames in the Sky

Pierre Clostermann

Jesus - A Very Short Introduction

Richard Bauckham

The Block

Ben Oliver

Planet on Fire - A Manifesto for the Age of Environmental Breakdown

Matthew Lawrence, Laurie Laybourn-Langton