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First and Always - A New Portrait of George Washington

Peter Henriques

Taking a Knee Taking a Stand - African American Athletes and the Fight for Social Justice

Bob Schron, Devin McCourty

Ringside Stories - From the Kennedy White House to Real Estate Everest

Richard A. Corbett

MacTrump - A Shakespearean Tragicomedy of the Trump Administration Part I

Ian Doescher, Jacopo della Quercia

Passing - A Year of Love and Death

Michael Korda

The American Military - A Concise History

Joseph T. Glatthaar

Red Sox Rhymes - Verses and Curses

Dick Flavin

The Recruit - A Taskforce Story

Brad Taylor


Johnny D. Boggs

The Dig

Brad Taylor

Black Flag

Brad Taylor

The Callsign

Brad Taylor

Gut Instinct

Brad Taylor

About Love and Other Stories

Anton Chekhov

His Ownself - A Semi-Memoir

Dan Jenkins

The Cat with Seven Names

Tony Johnston

Counting Coup

Joseph Medicine Crow

Damnation Road

Max McCoy


Larry McMurtry


Fred Saberhagen

Hollywood - A Third Memoir

Larry McMurtry

Canyon Diablo

Max McCoy

The Spider's Web

Margaret Coel

Literary Life - A Second Memoir

Larry McMurtry

Look at the Birdie

Kurt Vonnegut

A History of the English Language

Michael Drout

Upon This Rock - A History of the Papacy from Peter to John Paul II

Professor Thomas F. Madden

Holy Bible - Old Testament Prophets of the Old Testament Part 4

Various Various

Holy Bible: The Books of Poetry and Wisdom Part 3 Volume 13

Various Authors

Hellfire Canyon

Max McCoy