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Shady Characters - The Secret Life of Punctuation Symbols and Other Typographical Marks

Keith Houston

Loki - Journey into Mystery

Katherine Locke, Marvel

Miss Morganhurst - An old lonely woman receives a visit from her estranged brother with bad news…

Hugh Walpole

W F Harvey - A Short Story Collection - Oxford graduating author who fought in WW1

W F Harvey

The Secret Cell - The first detective story

William F Burton

The Daughter of Lilith - A devout man recounts a tale of unrequited love involving the first wife of Adam

Anatole France

Vampire's Prey - Is the diagnosis malaria or something far more sinister?

Hanns Heinz Ewers

The Sand-man - A truly defining and iconic Gothic horror story

E T A Hoffmann

The Snow - A vengeful ghost tries to spoil her ex husbands new relationship

Hugh Walpole

The Woman with the Hood - A ghost tries to solve their own murder from beyond the grave

L T Meade

Putois - A funny historical tale of a lie taking on a life of its own

Anatole France

Hugh Walpole - A Short Story Collection - Knighted author who fought in WW1

Hugh Walpole

The Oculist - A story that delves into the phrase 'love is blind' in more ways than one

Catherine Wells

The Deserted House - Curiosity can sometimes get the better of all of us…

E T A Hoffmann

Luigi Pirandello - A Short Story Collection - Nobel prize winning Italian master author

Luigi Pirandello

Anatole France - A Short Story Collection - Nobel prize winning mutli talented French author

Anatole France

Marjorie Bowen - A Short Story Collection - Author who faced many personal hardships during her life

Marjorie Bowen

Catherine Wells - A Short Story Collection - Wife of HG Wells whose work has sadly been underappreciated

Catherine Wells

H D Everett - A Short Story Collection - Female author who wrote under a male pen name to help get published

H D Everett

Mary Cholmondeley - A Short Story Collection - West Midland born 19th century author whose work is still celebrated today

Mary Cholmondeley

Dorothy Edwards - A Short Story Collection - Talented Welsh author who tragically took her life at a young age

Dorothy Edwards

The Care of the Self - Volume 3 of The History of Sexuality

Michel Foucault

The Use of Pleasure - Volume 2 of The History of Sexuality

Michel Foucault

Class War - A Literary History

Mark Steven

The Adventure of the Speckled Band - An underrated Sherlock Holmes story

Arthur Conan Doyle

Flying Start - A Fighter Pilot's War Years

Hugh Dundas

Mania - A Short History of Bipolar Disorder

David Healey

Cold War Boys - Previously Unpublished Tales of Derring-Do from Lightning Phantom and Hunter Pilots

Richard Pike

Summer at Green Valley Vineyard - An absolutely heart-warming summer romance

Lucy Coleman

Intelligent Fitness - The Smart Way to Reboot Your Body and Get in Shape

Simon Waterson, Daniel Craig