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HBR's 10 Must Reads 2016 - The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year from Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review, Herminia Ibarra, Marcus Buckingham, Donald N. Sull, Richard D'Aveni


C.A. Gleason

Being Hunted

C.A. Gleason

Cassandra's War

David Bruns, Chris Pourteau

Lazarus Protocol The

David Bruns, Chris Pourteau

China in World History

Paul S. Ropp

Blackout Wars - State Initiatives To Achieve Preparedness Against An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Catastrophe

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

My Electrician Drives a Porsche? - Investing in the Rise of the New Spending Class

Gianni Kovacevic

Dunmore's War - The Last Conflict of America's Colonial Era

Glenn F. Williams

Molting The: Books 1 - 3

C.A. Gleason


C.A. Gleason

Pagans - The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity

James J. O'Donnell

The Vice Capades - Sex Drugs and Bowling from the Pilgrims to the Present

Mark Stein

AL: ICE Space War

CW Lamb

Vietnam Rough Riders - A Convoy Commander's Memoir

Frank McAdams

Body of Water - A Sage a Seeker and the World's Most Alluring Fish

Chris Dombrowski

The Best of American Heritage - Lincoln

Edwin S. Grosvenor

Run Through the Jungle - Real Adventures in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade

Larry J. Musson

Admiral Bill Halsey - A Naval Life

Thomas Alexander Hughes

The Lord’s Supper

Thomas Lupich

The Fruit Of the Nut - Oneness in a Nutshell: Collaboration With Cosmic Conscious Oneness

Mr. Max Taylor, Mrs. Max Taylor

ALICE Resurrection

CW Lamb

The Triumph of Faith - Why the World Is More Religious than Ever

Rodney Stark


CW Lamb


CW Lamb

The Horror of the Shade

Peter Meredith

Run - A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Rich Restucci

Warstrider: Battlemind

Ian Douglas

Warstrider: Netlink

Ian Douglas

Warstrider: Symbionts

Ian Douglas