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100 Nursery Rhymes

Cathy Dobson

The Ivory God

J. S. Fletcher

The Battersea Flat Mystery

Edgar Jepson

The Café of the Broken Heart

Leonard Merrick

Famous True Crimes

Edgar Jepson, William Le Queux, Edgar Wallace

Herbert Armstrong Poisoner

Edgar Wallace

The Wisdom of the Cymry - Translated from the Welsh Triads

Winifred Faraday

A Bracelet at Bruges

Arnold Bennett

The Ghost at Massingham Mansions

Ernest Bramah

The Fire of London

Arnold Bennett

The Signal

Vsevolod Garshin

A Duchess's Secret

Andrew Lang

The Black Veil

Charles Dickens

The Hour Glass

Robert Barr

The Interlopers

Hector Hugh Munro

The House of Strange Stories

Andrew Lang

The Enchanted Knife - A Fairy Tale from Serbia

Andrew Lang

The Parrot

Thomas Frederick Crane

The Three Dogs

Andrew Lang

East of the Sun and West of the Moon - A Norwegian Fairy Tale

Andrew Lang

The Curse of the Seven Children

Thomas Frederick Crane

The Donkey Skin

Andrew Lang

The Golden Mermaid

Andrew Lang

The Bronze Ring

Andrew Lang

The Two Frogs - A Japanese Fairy Tale

Andrew Lang

The Great Fairy Tale Collection - Marvellous Tales from around the World

Andrew Lang, Maurice Baring, Marie Frere

Peter Gynt - A Folk Tale from Norway

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Six Fairy Tales - A Russian Fairy Tale

Maurice Baring


Maurice Baring

The Giant who Had No Heart

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen