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But You Look So Normal - Lost and Found in a Hearing World

Claudia Marseille

Is Your Tongue Killing You? - Learn How to Sleep Breathe Chew and Swallow Correctly

Joy L. Moeller

Expect Obsession

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

TopKnotch: Adventures with our Clueless Human

CJ Thomas

Crystal Corridor of Light - The Starseed Highway

Bethel Barr

The Left Turn

Becky Parker Geist

Condolences Pocket Guide

Dana Lacy Amarisa

Rediscovering Republicanism - Renewing America with Our Founding Vision and Values

John Nantz

The House that Jack Built

Lyudmyla Nesterenko

Girl with a Violin - A Psychological Thriller

Wendy Bartlett

The Burning Light of Two Stars - A Mother Daughter Story

Laura Davis

Fernando Invents Socks! - A Gripping Story About the Perils of Ocean Trash!

Brad Pohl

Prince and His Mother's Crown - Tales within My Mother's Hair

Shellice Beharie

The Power of Being Heard

Katy Byrne M.A LMFT

The Laced Chameleon - Francesca: Rookie Sleuth and Counterspy

Bob Rogers

Quantum - the trilogy begins


Written in Stone

Eugenia Fain

Coffee Time Tales and Poems

Eugenia Fain

The Winter Years

Eugenia Fain

Musings Poetic Echoes

Eugenia Fain

Poetry in Motion

Eugenia Gayle Fain

One Hundred Years of Exile - A Romanov's Search for Her Father's Russia

Tania Romanov

Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension

David Colin Carr

Expect Deception

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Shards of a Broken Mystery - Restoring Hekate and our Divine Feminine Soul

Shira Marin

Balancing THE WHEEL - A balanced approach to self-healing and "wholistic" fulfillment in pursuit of health happiness & success

Daniel D Sadigh

Dharma for Awakening and Social Change

PhD Maetreyii Ma Nolan

Cosmic Cowboy - The Musical

JD West

World Codex: Special Edition

RW Gates, Meredith Carson

Silent Invasion

Chris Shockowitz