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Lair of the Crystal Fang [Dramatized Adaptation] - Arkham Horror

S.A. Sidor

Brute Of All Evil [Dramatized Adaptation] - Ordinary Magic 9

Devon Monk

Cult of the Spider Queen [Dramatized Adaptation] - Arkham Horror

S.A. Sidor

India Match [Dramatized Adaptation] - Agent of Exiles 3

Tom Doyle

Red Rising: Sons of Ares: Volume 3: Forbidden Song [Dramatized Adaptation] - Red Rising: Sons of Ares 3

Pierce Brown, Rik Hoskin

The Nekropolis Empire [Dramatized Adaptation] - Twilight Imperium 2

Tim Pratt

Preacher's Inferno [Dramatized Adaptation] - The First Mountain Man 28

J. A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone

The Wrath of N'Kai [Dramatized Adaptation] - Arkham Horror

Josh Reynolds

Ash [Dramatized Adaptation] - Elemental 6

Shannon Mayer

Rylee Adamson: Tracking Magic [Dramatized Adaptation] - Rylee Adamson

Shannon Mayer

The League of Set [Dramatized Adaptation] - Agent of Exiles 1

Tom Doyle

Hell's Spells [Dramatized Adaptation] - Ordinary Magic 6

Devon Monk

Red Rising: Sons of Ares: Volume 2: Wrath [Dramatized Adaptation]

Pierce Brown, Rik Hoskin

Immune [Dramatized Adaptation]

Shannon Mayer

Dark War [Dramatized Adaptation]

Tim Waggoner

Strong Justice [Dramatized Adaptation]

Jon Land

Texas Blood Feud [Dramatized Adaptation]

Dusty Richards

The Shotgun Arcana (2 of 2) [Dramatized Adaptation]

R.S. Belcher

The Shotgun Arcana (1 of 2) [Dramatized Adaptation]

R.S. Belcher

A Fine Line [Dramatized Adaptation]

Michael John Casey

Slight Case of Death A [Dramatized Adaptation]

Robert Lee Beers

Adaptation [Dramatized Adaptation]

Chris Rohan, Karen Rohan

Angels Of Our Nature [Dramatized Adaptation]

James Axler

Bad Blood [Dramatized Adaptation]

James Axler

Bad Justice [Dramatized Adaptation]

Frank Leslie

Between Hell and Texas [Dramatized Adaptation]

Dusty Richards

Blood For Blood [Dramatized Adaptation]

William W. Johnstone

Breach Zone [Dramatized Adaptation]

Myke Cole

Cabin Gulch [Dramatized Adaptation]

Zane Grey

Charley's Sunday Texas Outfit [Dramatized Adaptation]

Stephen Lodge