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Deadly Turns

Amy Cecil

Ask the Authors

Tim Baker, Ashley Fontainne, Margareth Stewart, Chris Barili, Janet Garber, Tom Johnson, Dan Alatorre, Lilly Rayman, Amy Cecil, Kaye Lynne Booth, Arthur Rosch, Carol Riggs, R. A. Winter, Chris DiBella, Cyn Vespia, Mark Todd, Jordan Elizabeth

Beyond the Rose

Elizabeth Stone, Tracy A. Ball, Rena Marin, Olivia Marie, Ainsley Jaymes, Amy Cecil, Justina Luther

Classic Twists

Erin Lee, Rita Delude, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Hope Sherrill, Olivia Marie, Amy Cecil

Malia's Curse

Amy Cecil

Heart of Darkness

Amy Cecil

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #1

Mila Waters, Tracy Ball, E.H. Demeter, Rena Marin, Cloud S. Riser, Amy Cecil