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World Cancer Day

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This #WorldCancerDay we want to raise awareness and give hope. That's why we've created a bookshelf with literature about cancer including everything from scientific research to personal stories:

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The Cancer Effect

Claudia Bretzing

Thank God I Got CancerI'm Not a Hypochondriac Anymore! - Thank God I Got #1

Angelina Assanti

Shattering The Cancer Myth (4th Edition)

Katrina Ellis

Chemotherapy Survival Guide: Coping with Cancer & Chemotherapy Treatment Side Effects - Cancer and Chemotherapy

Anthea Peries

A Cluster of Cancers - A Simple Coping Guide for Patients

Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg

Cancer a Message of Hope - How to Overcome Prostate Cancer and Discover a “Newlife”

Jairo álvarez-Botero

When Mommy Had Cancer

Trey Rawlins

Greetings from Cancerland - Writing the Journey to Recovery

Alysa Cummings

Love Is a Journey - Couples Facing Cancer

Jan Latona, Gary J. Stricklin

The Wolf at My Door - Cancer in My Body - Cancer in My Mind

Doug Gosling

Minus One - A Year with Breast Cancer

Dorothy Hansen

Connecting with Cancer

R Hall

Me the Crazy Woman and Breast Cancer

Stacy D Shelton

What is Cancer? Kids Book About Cancer

Baby Professor

The Cancer Survivors Club

Chris Geiger

A Cancer Survivor's Almanac - Charting Your Journey

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer

Leslie R. Schover

Give My Regards to Black Jack - Ep44 Cancer Cancer Everywhere (English version)

Shuho Sato

Malignant - How Cancer Becomes Us

S. Lochlann Jain

¡Cancerlandia! - A Memoir

Juan Alvarado Valdivia