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Publisher: The History Press

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Madams - Bawds & Brothel-Keepers of London

Fergus Linnane

Iga and Koka Ninja Skills - The Secret Shinobi Scrolls of Chikamatsu Shigenori

Antony Cummins, Yoshie Minami

Tyburn - London's Fatal Tree

David Brandon, Alan Brooke

Haunted London Underground

David Brandon, Alan Brooke

Calendar of Crime - 365 True Cases from British History

Peter Stubley

London's Curse - Murder Black Magic and Tutankhamun in the 1920s West End

Mark Beynon

Haunted London

James Clark

Spy Princess - The Life of Noor Inayat Khan

Shrabani Basu

Olde London Punishments

David Brandon, Alan Brooke

Bastard Prince - Henry VIII's Lost Son

Beverley A Murphy

Jane Austen - Inspiring Lives

Lauren Nixon

East End Murders - From Jack the Ripper to Ronnie Kray

Neil R. Storey

Murder at the Inn - A History of Crime in Britain’s Pubs and Hotels

James Moore

The Mistresses of Henry VIII

Kelly Hart

The Great Irish Potato Famine

James S Donnelly

A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse

Peter Higginbotham

Truly Criminal - A Crime Writers' Association Anthology of True Crime

Martin Edwards

Scandals in History

Ed Rayner, Ron Stapley

Henry VIII and his Six Wives - A Guide to Historic Tudor Sites

Peter Bramley

The Little Book of Murder

Neil R. Storey

Between Silk and Cyanide - A Code Maker's War 1941-45

Leo Marks

Death on the Don - The Destruction of Germany's Allies on the Eastern Front 1941-44

Jonathan Trigg

London's Markets - From Smithfield to Portobello Road

Stephen Halliday

Newgate - London's Prototype of Hell

Stephen Halliday

Lancashire's Historic Pubs

Peter Thomas

Murderers' Row - An International Murderers' Who's Who

Robin Odell, Wilfred Gregg

Temple Bar - A History

Maurice Curtis

Bristol Plaques

Maurice Fells

Hitler's Holocaust

Guido Knopp

The Holocaust - A New History

Doris Bergen