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The Seven Basic Plots - Why We Tell Stories

Christopher Booker

Atheists - The Origin of the Species

Nick Spencer

Modern Culture

Roger Scruton

The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson

Harry Mount

Conversations with Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton, Mark Dooley

The Train in Spain

Christopher Howse

I Drink Therefore I Am - A Philosopher's Guide to Wine

Roger Scruton

First World War - Still No End in Sight

Frank Furedi

An English Spring - Memoirs

Cormac Murphy O'Connor

Vera Brittain and the First World War - The Story of Testament of Youth

Mark Bostridge

The Rape of Europa - The Intriguing History of Titian's Masterpiece

Charles FitzRoy

Sexual Desire - A Philosophical Investigation

Roger Scruton

Fools Frauds and Firebrands - Thinkers of the New Left

Roger Scruton

The Making of India - The Untold Story of British Enterprise

Kartar Lalvani

Beryl Bainbridge - Love by All Sorts of Means: A Biography

Brendan King

World Without End

Joseph Boyle, Lucette Verboven, Thomas Keating

Holy Living - The Christian Tradition for Today

Rowan Williams

Where We Are - The State of Britain Now

Roger Scruton