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First Steps into the Night - A Vampire LitRPG short story

Tao Wong

Another Day Another Plot - A Vampire LitRPG Short Story

Tao Wong

The Devil Wears Timbs 7 - I Am my Sister's Keeper

Tranay Adams

Blood Knowledge - A Vampire LitRPG Short Story

Tao Wong

Guardians of the Keep

Carol Berg

Dark Passage - Stories of the Occult and the Paranormal

Rosey Frost

Into the Wild - A Hellman & McAulffie Short Novel

Filip Wiltgren

Regen - Regeneration: The Ability to Heal

Cassie Greutman

Neodymium Exodus

Jen Finelli

Marion - An 'Order' Short Story

H.M. Clarke

The League of Delphi - Book I of The Delphi Trilogy

Chris Everheart

The Delphi Revelation - Book III of The Delphi Trilogy

Chris Everheart

The Delphi Deception - Book II of the Delphi Trilogy

Chris Everheart

The Detective Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Poe

The Demon's Gift - A Willow Locke Novella

Isaac D. Peterson, Isaac Peterson

Kennedy Reborn

Greg Alldredge

Kennedy Cast Out

Greg Alldredge

Kennedy Awakens

Greg Alldredge

The Chosen - An Urban Fantasy Novel

Aurora Grace

Oval Office Oddities

Bill Fawcett

The Dream

H. G. Wells

As If Something Happened

Julie Murphy

Hidden Wishes Omnibus books 1 - 3 - A Gamelit LitRPG Urban Fantasy

Tao Wong

A Jinn's Wish - A GameLit Urban Fantasy novel

Tao Wong

The Girl with No Face - The Daoshi Chronicles

M. H. Boroson

The War Beneath

S.R. Hughes

The Realms of Ancient Collection

S.M. Beiko

The Slab

Jeffrey J Mariotte

Slimy Underbelly - The Cases of Dan Shamble Zombie PI

Kevin J. Anderson

Destruction of Justice

Lawrence Davis