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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: military

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Survival Machines

Ste Sharp

L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 35 - Bestselling Anthology of Award-Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

L. Ron Hubbard, Rebecca Moesta, Mike Resnick, Dean Wesley Smith, Christopher Baker, Carrie Callahan, David Cleden, Preston Dennett, Andrew Dykstal, John Haas, Kyle Kirrin, Mica Scotti Kole, Rustin Lovewell, Wulf Moon, Elise Stephens, Rob Prior, Kai Wolden

The Moon Maid

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Smothered Seas

Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Peacemaker

Alfred Coppel

The Talkative Tree

H. B. Fyfe

To Choke An Ocean

J. F. Bone

Uniform of a Man

Dave Dryfoos

Worlds of If Super Pack #3

H. B. Fyfe, Milton Lesser, Arthur Dekker Savage, August Derleth, Alan E. Nourse, James Blish, Jr. James Mckimmey, Keith Laumer, Maria Wolf, Boyd Ellanby, Alvin Heiner, Don Berry, Mack Reynolds, Kenneth O’Hara, Dave Dryfoos, Jim Harmon, Mark Clifton, R. A. Lafferty, Russ Winterbotham, Richard Wilson, Alex Apostolides, Alfred Coppel, Frank M. Robinson, Ralph Sholto, Russell Burton, Robert Moore Williams, Charles Fontenay, Winston Marks, Jerome Bixby, Andersen Horne, L. Major Reynolds, J. F. Bone

Fly by Night

Arthur Dekker Savage

An Empty Bottle

Maria Wolf

The Olympium of Bacchus 12

William Speir

The Planet with No Nightmare

Jim Harmon

Off Course

Mack Reynolds

Sound of Terror

Don Berry

The Day of the Dog

Andersen Horne

’Mid Pleasures and Palaces

Jr. James Mckimmey

Homo Inferior

Maria Wolf

Progress Report

Mark Clifton

McIlvaine’s Star

August Derleth