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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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The Paradise Conflict

Abhishek Ghosh

Oshibana Complex

Craig Hallam

The Hollowed Land

Glen Krisch

The Disaster Tourist - A Novel

Yun Ko-eun

Mirage of Darkness

Ervin Mendlovitz, Noah Chapman

Lights of God - "The Story that Began in the Desert"

Murat Ukray

Exile - The Lunnaria Trilogy

Luiza Dobrzynska

The Convoy - The Legend of the Future

Luiza Dobrzynska

The Soul - The Legend of the Future

Luiza Dobrzynska

Teal Haven

Randi Lee Beers

Altered Seasons - Monsoonrise

Paul Briggs

The Prophet of the Termite God - Book Two of the Antasy Series

Clark Thomas Carlton


Scott Falcon

Deathball: Hunt For The Playoffs - The Hunt For The Playoffs

Charles Eugene Anderson


AJ Eversley

The Lost Puzzler - The Tarakan Chronicles

Eyal Kless

Pandora: Resistance

Eric L. Harry

While the Black Stars Burn

Lucy A. Snyder

AI Apocalypse - Feed it the Godfather movies What could possibly go wrong?

P M Woolford

The Expat

Herman van Zyl

Enki the Luminary Traveler - Anunnaki Tablet Three - Posse of the Flying Horses

Hector Luis Bonilla

Shattered Skies

Alice Henderson

Reaper Moon - Race War in the Post Apocalypse

Ted Neill

Enki the Luminary Traveler - Anunnaki Tablet Two - Enlil's Planet Nova

Hector Luis Bonilla

Save Her - A Dystopian Novel

Jason Bonet

Coming Home - Dark Crossings

Eva Stone

The Scout - Dark Crossings

D.L. Cross

The Desperate - An Alien Invasion Story

Alex McGrath

Enki the Luminary Traveler - Tablet One - Origin of Reason

Hector Luis Bonilla

Three Aliens Walk Into Town

Jack Ravenhill