Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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Piers Anthony

The Amtrak Wars: Earth-Thunder - The Talisman Prophecies 6

Patrick Tilley

In the Drift

Michael Swanwick

The City Not Long After

Pat Murphy


Greg Bear


Piers Anthony

Helliconia Summer

Brian W Aldiss


William C. Dietz


Robert Silverberg

Arrows of Desire

Geoffrey Household

Blood Music

Greg Bear

Strength of Stones

Greg Bear


Timothy Zahn

Expiration Date

Tim Powers

The Celestial Steam Locomotive

Michael Coney

False Dawn

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A Boy and His Dog

Harlan Ellison

The Forge of God

Greg Bear

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Tim Powers

Helliconia Spring

Brian W Aldiss

The Artificial Kid

Bruce Sterling

The Country of Ice Cream Star

Sandra Newman

The Wasteland Saga - Three Novels: Old Man and the Wasteland The Savage Boy The Road is a River

Nick Cole

White Mars; or The Mind Set Free - A 21st-Century Utopia

Brian W Aldiss, Roger Penrose

The Sunset Warrior

Eric V Lustbader

The Jericho Iteration

Allen Steele

Symbiography - A Novella

William Hjortsberg

Tom O'Bedlam

Robert Silverberg

Helliconia Winter

Brian W Aldiss


Piers Anthony