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Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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The Amtrak Wars: Blood River - The Talisman Prophecies 4

Patrick Tilley

The Country of Ice Cream Star

Sandra Newman


Brian W Aldiss

To the Vanishing Point

Alan Dean Foster

The Queen of Springtime

Robert Silverberg

Finches of Mars

Brian W Aldiss

Echoes of Earth

Sean Williams, Shane Dix

In the Drift

Michael Swanwick


Richard Kadrey

Super-State - A Novel of a Future Europe

Brian W Aldiss

Strength of Stones

Greg Bear


Greg Bear

The Iron Maiden

Piers Anthony


Piers Anthony

The Emperor of Everything

Ray Aldridge


Brian W Aldiss

Helliconia Spring

Brian W Aldiss

Helliconia Winter

Brian W Aldiss

The Old Man and the Wasteland - Updated Edition

Nick Cole

Blood Music

Greg Bear

Expiration Date

Tim Powers

Report on Probability A

Brian W Aldiss

Shallows of Night

Eric V Lustbader


Timothy Zahn

Helliconia Summer

Brian W Aldiss


William C. Dietz

The Amtrak Wars: Cloud Warrior - The Talisman Prophecies Part 1

Patrick Tilley

The Shockwave Rider

John Brunner


Brian W Aldiss


Brian W Aldiss