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Big Data - Does Size Matter?

Timandra Harkness

Artificial Intelligence

Richard Urwin

A Joosr Guide to Think Like a Freak by Stephen J Dubner and Steven D Levitt - How to Think Smarter about Almost Everything


Statistics Crash Course

IntroBooks Team

Statistics Textbook

IntroBooks Team

How to Tell Time for Kids

Tony R. Smith

Coin Tossing: The Hydrogen Atom of Probability

Stefan Hollos, J. Richard Hollos

Thinking in Statistics

Abhijit Anant Telang

Forewarned - A Sceptic's Guide to Prediction

Paul Goodwin

SAS Programming Guidelines Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked


Nonconventional Limit Theorems and Random Dynamics

Yeor Hafouta, Yuri Kifer

Machine Learning with Clustering: A Visual Guide for Beginners with Examples in Python

Artem Kovera

Probability and Random Number - A First Guide to Randomness

Hiroshi Sugita

BAYES Theorem

Jeffery Short

Introduction to Statistical Mechanics - Solutions to Problems

John Dirk Walecka

A Recipe for Success Using SAS University Edition - How to Plan Your First Analytics Project

Sharon Jones

Research & the Analysis of Research Hypotheses - Volume 2

Kathleen Thomas Allan

Probability And Randomness: Quantum Versus Classical - Quantum versus Classical

Andrei Khrennikov

Fence Methods The

Jiming Jiang, Thuan Nguyen

Probability Theory - A Complete One-Semester Course

Nikolai Dokuchaev

Modeling And Analysis Of Dependable Systems: A Probabilistic Graphical Model Perspective - A Probabilistic Graphical Model Perspective

Luigi Portinale, Daniele Codetta Raiteri

Information Theory: A Concise Introduction

Stefan Hollos, J. Richard Hollos

Random Matrices And Random Partitions: Normal Convergence - Normal Convergence

Zhonggen Su

Cody's Collection of Popular SAS Programming Tasks and How to Tackle Them

Ron Cody

Research & the Analysis of Research Hypotheses

Kathleen Thomas Allan