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Farthest House

Margaret Lukas

Brotherhood of the Snake

Philip Gardiner

The Undead

Rachel Caine

Bunker 137

Michael Kamp

Cold Kiss

Rachel Caine

The Ghosts of Sand Island Lighthouse

Tim D. Smith

My Daddy The Serial Killer - A Psychological Thriller

Cindy Kovacik

The Country of the Blind - And Other Stories

H. G. Wells

Still So Strange

Amanda Downum

Here and Beyond

Edith Wharton

Vicinity - Short Stories

Justin Kennedy

Reincarnate - A Paranormal Thriller

Dean Serraville

The Midnight Warriors

Nirmani Walpola

Death of a Fallen

Kelly Hollingshead

A New Haunt for Mr Bierce - a novel

Drew Bridges

Between the Virgin and the Sea

Cath Barton

Three Novels of Creeping Terror - The Night Boat Baal and Bethany's Sin

Robert McCammon

The Lancashire Witches

William Harrison Ainsworth

The Cuckoo Wood

M. Sean Coleman

The Devil's Mark

WD Jackson-Smart

The Temple

H. P. Lovecraft

The Festival

H. P. Lovecraft

Abberton House

Debbie Ioanna

The Demons Beneath

WD Jackson-Smart

Mademoiselle Maupin

James Frost

I Travel by Night and Last Train from Perdition

Robert McCammon

The Hunter from the Woods

Robert McCammon

A Selection of Short Stories and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe (Legend Classics)

Edgar Allan Poe

Cults of Death and Madness

John Haas

Dracula (Illustrated)

Bram Stoker