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The Rebels

Vivian Stuart

The Newcomers

Vivian Stuart

The Traitors

Vivian Stuart

Yesterday's Spy - A Novel

Tom Bradby

The Dilemma

Sarah Hawthorn

The Settlers

Vivian Stuart

The Prisoners

Vivian Stuart

The Exiles

Vivian Stuart

The Unknown Woman of the Seine - A Novel

Brooks Hansen

Under an Outlaw Moon - A Novel

Dietrich Kalteis

The Keening - A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

Anne Emery

A Millionaire's Dream - A Novel

Bret Wonnacott

There Is Confusion

Jessie Redmon Fauset

The Autobiography of an Ex–Colored Man

James Weldon Johnson

Iola Leroy - Or Shadows Uplifted

Frances E. W. Harper

Barren Ground

Ellen Glasgow

The Trouble Boys

E.R. Fallon

The Abalone Ukulele - A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue

Roger Crossland

A Season in Queens - A Novel

Gerry Dryansky, Joanne Dryansky

Second Son - A Novel of the Deep South

Herman Willis Logan

Spanish Crossing - A Gripping Novel about Love Loss and Hope

John Simmons

Leaves - A Beautiful Drama about the Passage of Time

John Simmons

In the Shadow of the Fire

Hervé Le Corre

Copper Divide - A Novel

Beth Kirschner

The Healer's Saga Books One to Three - The Healer's Secret The Healer's Curse and the Healer's Awakening

Helen Pryke

Within a Budding Grove

Marcel Proust

The Guermantes Way

Marcel Proust

The Quiet Truth - A Haunting Domestic Drama Full of Suspense

Sharon Thompson

The Healer's Awakening - An Absorbing and Romantic Family Saga

Helen Pryke

The River Within

Karen Powell